Data Logging

At Lascar Electronics, we understand that data is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. Whether you’re a manufacturing engineer optimizing processes, a pharmacist safeguarding stock, or a business owner storing and transporting valuable assets, reliable data is critical to success.

Lascar Electronics’ data loggers are more than just devices; they are the gateways to a smarter, more efficient and data-driven future. Designed with precision and engineered for reliability, our data loggers stand at the forefront of data acquisition technology.

Explore this collection of case studies to gain insight into just a few of our customer data logging success stories. Find out how our data loggers have protected temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, improved quality in food and drink production, ensured the safety of museum artifacts and much more! Discover how businesses have harnessed the power of data to streamline operations, reduce costs, safeguard stock and enhance overall productivity.

WiFi: Seamless Warehouse Monitoring

WiFi Seamless Warehouse Monitoring

Reinventing Logistics with WiFi LOGISTEED Hong Kong has more than three decades of experience in delivering services for project cargo, inland transport, warehousing operations, and marine and air freight. Through their extensive global branches and networks, they possess the knowledge, expertise and connections to tackle any logistic challenge, with a particular focus on 3PL services. […]

WiFi: Confirming Reptile Safety and Comfort

Using Lascar’s EL-WiFi-DTC dual temperature logger for habitat monitoring Housing and keeping lizards comfortable can be a complicated pastime. Like all members of the reptile class, lizards are ectothermic/ cold-blooded, meaning their bodies do not generate stable internal temperatures like those of birds and mammals. They are real sun-worshippers but, when they get too warm, […]

MOTE: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Electricity Substations

EL-MOTE in Control Panel

The Power Networks Demonstration Center Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Electricity Substations The PNDC research facility at The University of Strathclyde Power Networks Demonstration Center (PNDC) is a research, demonstration and deployment center for emerging electrical power system technologies and accelerating smart grid implementations. Founded by government, industrial and academic partners, the facility provides a […]

WiFi and MOTE: Improving Temperature Checks for Mount Vets

Data logger in vaccine fridge

Mount Vets in Somerset Improving Temperature Checks with EasyLog Cloud Mount Vets is a veterinary practice based in Wellington, Somerset, with additional branches in Wiveliscombe and Honiton. Established for over 60 years, they operate a small animal hospital and farm practice, and have equine, poultry and game bird departments, providing a range of veterinary treatments […]

USB: Monitoring Through the Grapevine

Wine Barrels

Harsh weather conditions affect quality and yield in grapevines. Complex grape vine weather conditions have been affecting quality and yield in a Washington vineyard. To protect the future of the vineyard, growers planned to conduct a study over a 7 month period that involved wrapping plastic covers around their grapevines to record the effects and […]

WiFi: Chef’s Magic Ingredient

El-WiFi: Chef’s Magic Ingredient

Temperature and humidity monitoring with Royal Oak Catering During our summer BBQ at our local watering hole The Royal Oak in the picturesque New Forest we got talking to the Head Chef about our range of EL-WiFi temperature and humidity sensors. Within minutes the management were convinced and within days they’d purchased and installed our […]

WiFi: Ensuring Food Quality for Local Initiative

The regal cinema

Food Safety Monitoring Using Wireless EasyLog Data Loggers When members of the Home Cinema Club (HCC) have their feet up watching a movie and tucking into some home-cooked food delivered to their door, they probably don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes to ensure their hot and cold food is safe to consume. The […]

USB: EL-SIE-2 Resolves Greenhouse Tomato Problems

Tomatoes in a pile

Using Lascar’s EL-SIE-2 for temperature and humidity data logging to halt problems occurring while growing tomatoes Victoria Herbert spoke with us recently of her appreciation for Lascar products and expressed the following: She has enjoyed growing vegetables for many years and after using raised beds for crops, decided to further her interest by investing in […]

USB: Vet Vaccine Monitoring

Sheep in a field

Using Digital Data Loggers To Monitor Livestock Vaccine Storage As part of their on-going veterinary research program, The University of Bristol carried out a study into the storage of livestock vaccines, exploring the associated risk to potency when stored on farms before use. Livestock vaccines are crucial tools for animal and public health. They are […]

USB: Breeding Praying Mantis

el-sie-2 monitoring in front of Tupperware

Using the EL-SIE-2 to monitor conditions inside ootheca incubators Breeding and selling captive-bred mantises is more than just a hobby for online mantis shop owner, Kelly Coleby. Since establishing the Cheeky Mantis in 2018, Kelly has been encouraging people to discover the wonders of mantis keeping through advice on her website and by consistently updating […]

WiFi: Helping Homemade Wine Taste Great

fermentation unit and EL-WiFi

Wireless Data Loggers used to monitor fermentation issues during winemaking Changing weather conditions can cause problems for fruit producers and home-brewers of beers, lagers and wine. When starting a brew day to make wine, several aspects need to be considered, however, with the slightest change potentially ruining a brew, temperature control is crucial to the […]

WiFi: 900 COVID Vaccines Saved

Data logger monitoring in fridge with vaccines

WiFi data loggers save 900 COVID vaccines from going to waste Safe vaccine storage is essential if you want to maintain sample quality from the time of manufacture to the point of administration. To achieve this, vaccines must be transported, handled and stored within an appropriate temperature range of 2°C – 8°C. Once temperatures exceed […]

WiFi: Hong Kong Palace Museum

Monitor temperature humidity and air quality levels for the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Monitor temperature, humidity and air quality levels for the Hong Kong Palace Museum With its impending grand opening, the Hong Kong Palace Museum needed a comprehensive data logging system to continually monitor its vast 30,000-square-foot museum. With over 900 works of art due to be displayed in various exhibitions, a range of temperature and humidity […]

WiFi: Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Automation Warehouse Robot Arm

The Advanced Manufacturing Center in Hong Kong has just opened as part of an initiative from Hong Kong Science and Technology corporation to push forward smart manufacturing in the territory. The center has been designed to help companies of different scales to embark on technological, innovation and high efficiently production within the application of advanced […]

USB: Monitoring Bat Populations


Using Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers To Monitor Bat Populations Why is Bat Monitoring Important? Bat monitoring is a process of collecting data on bats in their natural habitats. This data is used to track bat populations, monitor their health and to ensure that the environment remains suitable for them. Temperature and humidity recorders can […]

USB: A Body of Evidence


Forensic research using Lascar’s EL-USB-TC Thermocouple data loggers TV shows like CSI and Law and Order have made amateur detectives of the best of us but behind the glamour of TV investigation, the real science of forensics is a powerful tool in the solving of real, very unglamorous crime. Rachel Adlam is a Senior Demonstrator […]

USB: Fort Stanton Cave Underground River Monitoring


Using Lascar’s voltage data loggers to investigate river flow underground “Groups of cavers are a little like motorcycle clubs. When they discover they share a strong interest in that one thing, they go for a ride together,” says Tim Frederickson, part of the Fort Stanton Cave Study Group (FSCSG). He explains that many people from […]

USB: Wish You Were Here


Lake County Discovery Museum Using Lascar’s temperature and humidity loggers to monitor their historic postcard collection “Postcards were an inexpensive and efficient means of correspondence between friends and family. Most of us though have little idea how they started or more particularly how significant they’ve been in charting how the world has changed since the […]

USB: Mapping Bat Microclimates


Lascar data loggers are giving biologists critical insights into the hibernation patterns and survival of bats Since it was first reported near Albany, NY during the winter hibernation period of 2005-6, White-nose syndrome or WNS, caused by a cold loving fungus, has decimated North American bat populations that hibernate during the winter. Killing over 7 […]

USB: Bury Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Using Lascar’s temperature and humidity loggers The Bury Art Gallery was first opened in Bury in 1901. A magnificent Edwardian structure, the building was designed specifically to house an extensive art collection left to the town by local industrialist Thomas Wrigley including works by renowned painters, Turner and Constable. In 1907, the collection was extended […]

USB: The Storage of Cabinetry Wood


Using Lascar’s temperature and humidity loggers to monitor humidity levels in wood storage areas Designing a kitchen or a bathroom is not just about where to put the sink – there is an art to it, from the layout of the room to the materials used in the actual design. The quality of not only […]

USB: Texas Spirit Seekers


Using Lascar’s temperature and humidity loggers to investigate paranormal activity Most people have a hobby they enjoy when not at work, but what Lance Brooks does outside his “real job” is certainly unique. While others spend their weekends boating, biking, or watching basketball on TV, he travels in and around Texas investigating reports of paranormal […]

USB: Life on the Half Shell


Temperature Monitoring at Gold Coast Oysters LLC Tired of the routine of corporate life, Scott Grout and his wife Ginger decided in 2000 to turn their hand to something a little less… well, routine. Growing up on the Hood Canal, east of the magnificent Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest, Scott had sampled the region’s […]

WiFi: Monitoring Vaccines


WiFi Data Logger Case Study Margiotti and Kroll Pediatrics Margiotti and Kroll Pediatrics are a US private practice dedicated to providing the best possible health care to their patients. The practice is a full-service care center, with five independent locations. Founded in 2001, Gerard Margiotti and Barry Kroll are running their medical business under the […]

USB: Damp Control

Damp in corner of the room

Property Care Association The Property Care Association (PCA), established in 2006, is the premier UK trade body for structural waterproofing, damp proofing and condensation issues. The organization offers support for technical queries relating to specialist work being carried out, or required on any property. The PCA is the industry expert in enabling members such as […]

WiFi: Asia Society

Asia Society museum

Ensuring safe environments for rare antiquities Founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd, Asia Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit institution with major centers and offices in Asia, Europe, and North America. The museum, located at the Society’s headquarters in New York, houses a collection that includes the Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd […]

USB: Caldbeck Surgery

Medical_fridge USB1

Using Lascar’s temperature data loggers to monitor vaccine storage conditions While none of us relish the thought of winter while enjoying the summer sun, for many, winter also brings the grim prospect of flu. In the run up to those colder months, the elderly, young and those with compromised immune systems are all actively encouraged […]

USB: New Species Found

USB New Species Found

Monitoring Amphibian Communities Lascar data loggers help researchers study rare frogs in South America In the summers of 2016 and 2017 and early 2018, Paul Szekely and his academic research team set up camp in Loja, Ecuador. Their goal? To study the composition of amphibian communities in remote areas in the tropics, where many species […]

USB: Logging Beehive Temperatures

Honey in a jar and a beehive with EL-USB Logger

Monitoring Bee Health with EasyLog USB loggers Joergen Nielsen from Silkeborg in Denmark began keeping bees in his garden in 2016 when he took up an old hobby from when he lived on a farm in the 80s. He had been contacted by a beekeeping friend, whose husband had developed an allergy reaction towards bee […]

WiFi: Airway Air Conditioning

Children's classroom

EL-WiFi Sensors: Top of the Class For over 20 years Airway Air Conditioning has prided themselves for providing customers with a first class service with the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration. When a new customer, a local school which had recently moved premises, approached them asking for advice they realized a […]

WiFi: Catch of the Day


Temperature Monitoring at Venture Seafoods Nowadays, with fishermen using global GPS mapping to locate fish stock, we weren’t surprised to get an enquiry from a seafood company as their industry is clearly keen to adopt new technology. Venture Seafoods are catchers and suppliers of award-winning seafood based on the East Yorkshire coast in Bridlington. As […]

WiFi: Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy


Monitoring all temperatures from one central point Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services is a highly respected and successful provider of specialist pharmacy services to independent hospitals, hospices and clinics in the UK. Over many years Ashtons has developed a comprehensive range of services, specializing in support and advice on medication management and compliance, training for hospital […]

WiFi: Protecting Futures in Slovenia


Temperature Monitoring of Vaccines ZD Zagorje is a health care center based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The practice is a full service center offering private care, health education and a pharmacy. Child vaccinations are a very routine procedure in the center – in fact, they’re possibly the most common procedure the clinic undertakes. Slovenia has one […]

WiFi: Cold Chain Monitoring

Delivery Van

Delivery Monitoring Temperature Sensors at Iceotemp Ltd Iceotemp Ltd provides a dedicated, temperature-controlled, time-critical distribution and delivery service on a 24/7 basis, across the UK and Northern Europe. Operating 16 temperature-controlled vans from its bases in Bristol and Somerset, UK, Iceotemp Ltd provides a logistical solution for scheduled and same day deliveries of items ranging […]

WiFi: Heritage Field Services


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Heritage Field Services began trading in 2010, and since then have been actively involved in archaeological projects; surveys of sites, monuments and buildings; conservation projects and habitat creation schemes. Working across both public and private sectors, Heritage Field Services offer practical management solutions for sites ranging from earthworks and buried archaeological […]

WiFi: Audio Mix House


EL-WiFi Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Audio Mix House is a state-of-the-art production and recording studio in Nevada, close to the Las Vegas strip. The studios are purpose-built for tracking and mixing, as well as with live rooms, vocal booths and lounges. It has a large following of major celebrities such as 50 Cent, Celine Dion […]


CERN Device

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring at CERN EL-WiFi sensors at the LHC At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The instruments used at […]

WiFi: Fishbourne Roman Palace

Roman Relics

WiFi Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring of Roman Relics Fishbourne Roman Palace is set in the village of Fishbourne, Chichester in West Sussex. The largest known Roman home in Northern Europe, it was constructed in the 1st century AD, around thirty years after the Roman conquest of Britain. In order to reach the Arts Council […]

WiFi: Fuch Cereals

Fuchs Cereals

WiFi Temperature & Humidity Monitoring With more than 80 years of experience, Fuchs Cereals is a leader in the processing and production of cereal based produce, which the company distributes to over two dozen countries globally. The family-run business produces a wide product range of breakfast cereals, muesli mixtures, wheat, flour and bread produce – […]

USB: Gaining Fresh Insight


Sanitary Designs Founded in 2001, CheezSorce and Sanitary Design Industries (SDI – equipment division of CheezSorce) provide a range of consultancy and environmental control systems for innovative cheese makers and dairy processors across North America. Under the management of veteran cheese consultant Neville McNaughton, the company assists numerous new entrants, midsize and micro dairy businesses […]