Facilities Management

Monitoring the Indoor Environment Has Never Been Easier

Reliable automatic temperature and humidity data logging.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management largely focuses on the upkeep and care of commercial or institutional buildings such as hotels, resorts, schools, office complexes, sports arenas, convention center’s and similar settings. The goal is to manage the supply and demand for facilities and services within public and private entities. Effective facilities management ensures that the built environment supports organizations’ strategic goals, improving operational efficiency, staff well-being and sustainability.

Products and their Application

Lascar Electronics provides a varied range of solutions designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of Facilities Management:


EasyLog USB Data Loggers

These versatile and user-friendly data recorders are critical for monitoring a wide range of environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity, to ensure that optimal conditions are maintained throughout a facility.


EasyLog WiFi Data Loggers

Wireless loggers are an effective tool for monitoring environmental conditions in large enterprises in real time. Data is secure, accessible and can be monitored remotely thanks to built-in cloud storage, making them excellent for monitoring compliance and responding promptly to any irregularities.

  • Temperature & Humidity

    US$184.49 ex. tax
    • Temperature & RH Logger
    • -20 to +60°C / 0 to 100%RH
    • Large format LCD display
    • Connects to EasyLog Cloud via Wi-Fi
    • Programmable alarm thresholds
    • Email and SMS notifications
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  • Temperature & Humidity

    US$178.49 ex. tax
    • Temperature & RH Data Logger
    • Measures -30 to +80 °C and  0 to 100 %RH
    • Uploads recorded data to the EasyLog Cloud
    • Email, SMS, audible and LED alarm options
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Battery life of up to 2 years
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  • Temperature Data Loggers

    US$126.49 ex. tax
    • WiFi Temperature Data Logger
    • -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
    • EasyLog Cloud Connectivity
    • Easy Sensor Setup
    • Free PC Software
    • High and Low Alarms
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PanelPilot Displays

Adaptable multi-functional monitors that can detect and display critical elements such as temperature, humidity, and energy consumption, enabling Facilities Managers to monitor and control the indoor environment more efficiently.

  • PanelPilotACE

    US$315.99 ex. tax
    • 4.3" TFT display
    • Capacitive touch screen
    • Four 16-bit analogue inputs
    • Eight digital I/O
    • Four 8-bit PWM outputs
    • Drag-and-drop app design software
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  • PanelPilotACE

    US$516.49 ex. tax
    • 7″ TFT display
    • Capacitive touch screen
    • Four 16-bit analogue inputs
    • Eight digital I/O
    • Four 8-bit PWM outputs
    • Drag-and-drop app design software
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  • PanelPilotACE

    US$688.99 ex. tax
    Development Kit for the SGD 70-A
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Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Given their advanced technology and diversity, these Lascar Electronics products are great tools for properly managing the variety of criteria and requirements associated with Facilities Management. Opting for Lascar Electronics in Facilities Management brings forth numerous advantages, highlighted by the company’s unique attributes:

Expertise and Insight: Lascar Electronics provides an extensive amount of expertise and knowledge of the complex Facilities Management requirements. Ensuring the development of goods and services that meet the specific requirements.

Innovation Focused on the User: Lascar’s emphasis on user-centric innovation resulted in solutions that are easy to use and have clear data and analysis.

Tailored Solutions: Lascar Electronics provides customized solutions in recognition of the different needs associated with Facilities Management.

Comprehensive Support: Lascar Electronics’ dedicated crew is on hand to answer inquiries and address any concerns, ensuring a pleasant and satisfying customer experience.

Case Studies

Exploration of real-world scenarios is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of the practical uses and benefits of integrating Lascar Electronics in Facilities Management.


Damp in corner of the room

USB: Damp Control

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The PCA is the industry expert in enabling members such as property surveyors, contractors and consultants to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills in waterproofing and damp control treatment.

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