21CFR Compliant Data Loggers

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Encrypted 21CFR data loggers and Cloud services.

21CFR Compliant Data Loggers

It is important to use 21CFR Compliant Data Loggers in pharmaceutical and healthcare activities. These advanced instruments are critical for firms to carefully monitor and record environmental conditions. This level of precision is required to preserve the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Lascar Electronics not only exhibits its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, but also to enhancing the overall quality and safety of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

An Extensive Selection of Expert Solutions

Lascar Electronics’ 21CFR Compliant Data Loggers are developed to assist healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations in dealing with the industry’s regulatory and operational complexities.

21CFR Compliant Data Loggers


EL 21CFR Series

These 21CFR compliant data loggers are capable of delivering precise and dependable monitoring of temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters. They are vital across a wide range of healthcare applications due to their user-centric interfaces, which allow for simple configuration, quick data retrieval and compliance reporting.

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Wireless 21CFR Data Loggers

These loggers easily transmit real-time environmental data to centralized systems, allowing for remote monitoring. They are especially beneficial for large facilities since they allow for quick insights and well-informed decision-making to maintain optimal conditions.

News Lascar Launches New Remote 21CFR SystemSoftware Solutions with 21CFR Cloud

Lascar’s innovative software solutions enable secure and compliant data management by offering audit trails, electronic signatures and cloud storage, which are connected with 21CFR Cloud. These elements are critical for 21CFR compliance, assuring data integrity and easy conformity to regulatory standards.

21CFR Cloud

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Lascar Electronics stands apart from the competition in the market thanks to a number of excellent qualities.

Expertise: With its extensive knowledge base and deep understanding of the regulatory environment, Lascar Electronics has established itself as a trustworthy partner for providing technology that carefully complies with 21CFR compliance requirements.

Innovative Design: Lascar’s products seamlessly integrate modern technology with intuitive design, with a focus on human needs. This collaboration enables ease of deployment, clear data visualization and precise interpretation, all of which improve overall operational efficiency.

Tailored Solutions: Recognizing the complexity of regulatory and operational demands, Lascar proactively designs flexible solutions, assuring flawless alignment with the specific needs of organisations in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Support: Beyond our products, Lascar Electronics is committed to providing extensive customer assistance, quickly responding to inquiries and resolving any issues that may arise, ensuring a pleasant and enriching user experience.

Case Studies

Exploring real-world scenarios is essential to gaining a more complete understanding of the real-world uses and advantages of Lascar Electronics’ Data Loggers.


WiFi: 900 COVID Vaccines Saved

WiFi data loggers save 900 COVID vaccines from going to waste

Safe vaccine storage is essential if you want to maintain sample quality from the time of manufacture to the point of administration. To achieve this, vaccines must be transported, handled and stored within an appropriate temperature range of 2°C – 8°C.

Once temperatures exceed these limits, the vaccines lose their potency and must be destroyed. Due to the potential wastage caused by faulty vaccines, it is recommended that temperatures around vaccines are therefore monitored 24/7.

Thankfully, The Portchester Practice was prepared for the potential changing temperatures and had installed a range of EasyLog Data Loggers in their vaccine fridge to protect their vaccines from damaging temperatures.

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Data logger monitoring in fridge with vaccines

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