Intelligent Automated Temperature Monitoring

    Automate temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and air quality monitoring with EasyLog data loggers and EasyLog Cloud

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    Advanced Industrial Display Technology

    Simplify industrial display and control with PanelPilot programmable touchscreen displays and panel instruments

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    Expert Electronic Product Design and Supply

    Accelerate your electronic product development with Lascar's engineering expertise

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    Lascar Electronics

    Your Data, Anytime, Anywhere

    Improving operations through the power of data. Our mission is to design, supply and calibrate the world’s best data loggers, automated remote monitoring systems, programmable industrial displays and digital panel instruments.

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    Data Loggers Engineered for Precision, Reliability and Ease of Use


    We recognize that accurate and reliable data stands as the foundation for insightful decision-making. Our data loggers provide precise measurement and recording capabilities across various parameters, from temperature and humidity to voltage and current.

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    Innovation Leader

    Innovation Leader
    With 45+ years in data logger engineering, we pioneered the world’s first and have sold over 1 million units globally.

    21 CFR Compliance

    21CFR Compliance
    Data is stored in compliance with 21CFR Part 11, using encrypted, non-editable formats for data logger readings.

    Cloud-Based Monitoring

    Cloud-Based Monitoring
    Data is accessible 24/7 and powerful online tools make it simpler than ever to view, compare and analyze readings.

    Standalone and Wireless Monitoring Options

    Standalone and Wireless Monitoring Options
    Includes Wireless, USB, Bluetooth and SMS connectivity for comprehensive standalone and wireless monitoring.

    Traceable Calibration Service

    Traceable Calibration Service
    Our calibration certificates give you the assurance that your temperature, humidity and thermocouple data loggers are accurate.

    Fully automated data logging with real-time alerts

    Fully Automated Data Logging with Real-time Alerts
    Critical events are notified to specific users in seconds via an alarm system that is easily tailored to your exact requirements.


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    Rapid Development of Industrial Display Applications

    We offer a wide range of digital panel displays, from low-cost panel meters presenting critical measurements, to full-color touchscreen PanelPilotACE displays enabling the rapid development of complex display and control applications with PanelPilotACE Design Studio.

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    Code Free Development

    Code-Free Development
    PanelPilotACE Design Studio allows users to build multi-screen interfaces without writing a line of code.

    Custom Design Service

    Custom Design Service
    One-stop shop for all the tools needed to turn your display design concept into a fully functioning App.

    Turn Product Concept into Reality

    Turn Product Concept into Reality
    With over 45 years’ experience in delivering cutting edge technology, we’re leading designers and manufactures of data capture, touch screen and wireless products.

    Real-time Data Visualization

    Real-time Data Visualization
    PanelPilot provides dynamic and vivid displays, enabling instant comprehension of critical information.


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    Modern Electronic Design Solutions

    From concept to production, Lascar Electronics’ team of experienced electronics engineers, developers and industrial designers work closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide customer solutions that exceed their expectations.

    Product Design Service

    Lascar's multidisciplinary teams of engineers have brought together expertise and a commitment innovation, allowing us to develop state-of-the-art products that push the boundaries of technology.

    User Interface and App Design

    We prioritize user experience by designing powerful human machine interfaces to wireless data loggers and app design - making user experience as easy and intuitive as possible.

    Supply Chain Management

    Lascar excels in optimizing supply chain management to cut costs and simplify operations. Through strategic planning, advanced technology, refining procurement and enhancing efficiency.

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