Panel Switch Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the housing diameter?

The housing diameter is 22mm. A panel cut out of 22 -23mm in diameter should fit.

What are the power supply requirements?

Our products are best with 12V but can work comfortably from 9.6V to 24V with a supply current no less than 30mA.

What is the maximum switching capacity?

1A 125VAC or 2A 30VDC resistive load.

What are the detection range and momentary active time?

The detection range is 4cm and the momentary active time is 10 seconds.

Can your IR products work outdoor?

Yes, our products are IP67 and IK10 approved.

Are there options for cables & connectors?

Our products are supplied only with stripped wires.

Are there other LED color options available?

Please contact our sales teams for other LED color options.