About Us

Lascar Electronics, part of the CIMSENSE group, is a global company, with locations in the UK, the US and Hong Kong. We place high value on innovation, quality and expertly engineered solutions to real-world monitoring and display requirements. Learn more about our company’s history in the video and timeline below, or browse our data logging and display products to find your solution. Need some help? Request a call back from a member of our team.

Lascar was Founded

Formed in 1977, Lascar Electronics began in a garage in Essex, England. The founders focused on designing and manufacturing a range of digital panel meters and complementary power supplies.

New Head Office

With sales showing significant growth, the company moved from Essex to its current head office in Whiteparish, England.

From Data Display to Data Logging

In 1994, the company extended its range of digital displays and power supplies with the introduction of its first EasyLog data logger.

USA Sales Office Opened

In 1997, the company opened its first direct United States operation in Savannah, Georgia.

Hong Kong Office Opened

Lascar extends its offshore manufacturing capabilities, opening its first office in Hong Kong.

Expansion in the USA

With strong growth in the USA market, Lascar expands into its current USA office in Erie, Pennsylvania.

World’s First USB Data Logger

Lascar launches the words first USB Data Logger, allowing users easy data logger configuration and access to data via USB.

Expansion in Hong Kong

Lascar purchases offices in Kowloon, Hong Kong to house its Far East operations, sales and engineering teams.

Remote Real-Time Data Logging

Lascar develops the world’s first commercially viable cloud-based data logging system.

Simplifying Display and Interface Development

Lascar launches its first fully customizable PanelPilot HMI touchscreen with simple drag-and-drop programming.

Dedicated Global Distribution Centre

In 2015, Lascar opened a dedicated global distribution center in Salisbury, England, from where its parts are shipped to customers and distributors across the globe.

Expansion in Hong Kong

Lascar further expands its Far East operations with a purpose-built warehouse and distribution center.

1 Million Data Loggers

Lascar celebrates the milestone of selling over 1 million data loggers worldwide.

Lascar Joins CIMSENSE

Lascar is acquired by the CIMSENSE group, a portfolio of independent, best-in-class companies in the CIMS industries (Controls, Instruments, Measurement Devices and Sensors).

Network of Global Distributors and Resellers

Today, Lascar operates from four direct global sites in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong supplying products directly to customers throughout the world and through its network of over 100 global distributors and resellers.

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