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Full color touch screen displays with integrated process control.

Energy Equipment Management

In an era of rising energy demands and growing environmental concerns, good energy management is essential for long-term development and operational efficiency. Energy Management Equipment is the foundation for enterprises that want to optimize energy consumption, cut expenses and reduce environmental effects. Equipment aids in the monitoring, management and conservation of energy, promoting sustainability and improving overall system performance.

Recognizing the importance of competent energy management, Lascar Electronics provides a complete range of solutions geared to satisfy the changing needs of energy management equipment. The products of the company have been rigorously built to provide reliable monitoring, data logging and presentation, allowing customers to acquire important insights into energy use trends and make informed decisions. By leveraging Lascar’s cutting-edge technologies, organizations can significantly enhance their energy efficiency, contribute to environmental conservation and realize substantial cost savings, positioning themselves at the forefront of sustainable operations.

A Variety of Expert Solutions for Energy Management Equipment

It is critical to have devices that are both adaptable and accurate for effective energy management equipment. Lascar Electronics meets this demand by providing a carefully curated selection of products that work in tandem with energy management technology, assuring precise monitoring and better functionality.

News New Wireless CO2 logger

Wireless Data Loggers with EasyLog Cloud

Using Lascar’s Wireless Data Loggers in conjunction with EasyLog Cloud allows for real-time monitoring of energy metrics and environmental conditions. This collaboration is critical for recognizing energy consumption patterns, enabling preventative maintenance and optimizing energy usage.

Easylog USB Data Logger

USB Data Loggers

Lascar’s USB Data Loggers provide a compact and efficient solution for monitoring various energy parameters. These loggers are instrumental in collecting essential data that aids in refining energy management systems and enhancing overall energy efficiency.

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PanelPilot Displays

The customizable PanelPilot Displays from Lascar offer clear and accurate readings of energy parameters, aiding operators in monitoring and adjusting system conditions effectively, contributing to optimized energy utilization and system efficiency.

Through the adoption of Lascar Electronics’ innovative solutions, professionals in the field of energy management can significantly enhance system performance, ensure sustainable energy consumption and embrace advancements in energy management technology.

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Selecting a reliable partner for energy management solutions is paramount. Lascar Electronics distinguishes itself by delivering innovative, accurate and user-centric products, backed by dedicated support, empowering professionals in energy management to focus on optimizing systems while we manage the intricacies of monitoring.

Precision and Reliability: Lascar Electronics is synonymous with precision and reliability, developing products that provide consistent and accurate readings, crucial for managing the complexities of energy systems.

Innovative Solutions: Innovation is at the core of Lascar Electronics, offering a diverse array of products and solutions, including real-time monitoring and customizable displays, addressing the varying needs of the energy management sector.

User-Centric Design: With user adaptability and convenience in mind, Lascar’s products integrate effortlessly across a spectrum of energy management applications, enabling enhanced system management and control.

Dedicated Support: The commitment of Lascar Electronics extends beyond product provision. We offer unwavering support to address challenges and queries, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for energy management professionals.

Choosing Lascar Electronics signifies a commitment to quality, innovation and a synergistic future, where our technology acts as a catalyst for advancements and efficiencies in energy management applications.

Case Studies

Explore our comprehensive case studies that demonstrate the versatility and transformative impact of Lascar Electronics in the energy management sector. These real-world applications illustrate how our groundbreaking products have optimized energy systems, enriched user experiences and propelled advancements in energy management technology.

Join us in discovering the integral role Lascar Electronics plays in shaping the future of energy management system monitoring and optimization.

Case Study Be Green Solant 800x500

PanelPilotACE Display: Solar Power Plant Control

Be Green Solar Power Plant

In 2017, Hurricane Matthew devastated the island of Haiti, leaving over 1 million people in urgent need of assistance. A major NGO quickly set up two medical clinics, each powered by a 48kW solar plant as local infrastructure had been destroyed. However, the control systems provided with the solar plants proved too complex for staff on the ground to operate. Solar energy experts Be Green were asked to help – and immediately selected the PanelPilotACE SGD 43-A as the fastest way to create a bespoke touch screen interface with enough processing power to do the job. Allowing staff to monitor both power plants from a single location, the ACE also displays status of batteries and back-up generators. Live alarms are also instantly activated if there’s a problem.

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