PanelPilot | SGD 70-A

US$516.49 ex. tax

  • 7″ TFT display
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Four 16-bit analogue inputs
  • Eight digital I/O
  • Four 8-bit PWM outputs
  • Drag-and-drop app design software

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SGD 70-A
SGD 70-A US$516.49 ex. tax

SGD 70-A is a 7” capacitive touch display designed for use with PanelPilotACE Design Studio, a free drag-and-drop style software package for rapid development of advanced user interfaces and panel meters.  This off-the-shelf display features a wealth of hardware interfaces, including four 16-bit bipolar analog inputs (to a maximum of ±40V d.c.), eight digital input/output pins, two alarm outputs, four 8-bit PWM outputs, PID Control, Ethernet FTP for logged data, multi-channel data logging and trend graphs, serial RS232 and RS485 and an additional add on board to measure temperature.

Development Kit
The development kit, SGD 70-A-DK+, is the best choice if you are starting to develop on the PanelPilotACE platform.  It includes all you need to begin:  an SGD 70-A, a development board and a USB cable.  The board provides switches, dials, LEDs and screw terminal connections for all the input and output functionality of the SGD 70-A.

PanelPilotACE University
The PanelPilotACE University has a multitude of resources to make your programming experience as quick and efficient as possible.  From How-To Guides and Frequently Asked Questions to an ever-growing number of pre-configured ACE Templates and an Icon and Graphic Library, visit the University and make your PanelPilotACE project even quicker.

Display 7” TFT with 16.7M colors
Touchscreen Capacitive touch screen
Resolution 1024 x 600 pixel
Processor Freescale i.MX 6SoloX (ARM Cortex A9 & M4)
Analog Inputs Four 16-bit to ±40V d.c.
Supply 5 to 30V d.c. (1A typical at 5V d.c.)
Outside Dimensions 186 mm (7.3”) x 122 mm (4.3”) x 21 mm (0.8”)

More support

I see that there is an add-on board for RS485 on SGD 43-A but not the SGD 70-A, why is there no board for the 70?

This is because the 70-A already has the hardware built in and so no add-on board is required.

My clock is set to the wrong time, how do I set the clock?

Open up the Panel Pilot ACE design studio and connect your device. Assuming your device has connected correctly you should be able to select it in the Device drop down box in the top right of the studio. Click the button to the right of the device selection that looks like three white horizontal lines. From the dropdown menu that appears select “Device Configuration”. Then tick the “Set Real Time Clock” check box and ensure the correct time is selected (+1 refers to GMT+1). Hit the configure button and the application will be updated.

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