PanelPilot | SGD 70-A DK+

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Development Kit for the SGD 70-A

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SGD 70-A DK+ US$688.99 ex. tax

The SGD 70-A DK+ is the development kit for the 7” PanelPilotACE compatible display, SGD 70-A.  The development board itself allows users to quickly connect to and test all of the input and output functionality of the PanelPilotACE display.

The kit includes a development board, an SGD 70-A PanelPilotACE display, a USB cable and a power supply. The development board includes LEDs and switches for digital I/O’s, four potentiometers to generate analog inputs, variable brightness LEDs for PWM outputs and a prototyping area for testing circuitry. Connections are also available for the display’s RS232, RS485, SPI and I²C functionality.

PanelPilotACE University
The PanelPilotACE University has a multitude of resources to make your programming experience as quick and efficient as possible.  From How-To Guides and Frequently Asked Questions to an ever-growing number of pre-configured ACE Templates and an Icon and Graphic Library, visit the University and make your PanelPilotACE project even quicker.

Analog Inputs x4
Digital Input/Outputs x8
PWM Outputs x4
Alarm Outputs x2
Serial Bus Connections RS232 & RS485
Supply Voltage 5 to 30 V d.c.
Outside Dimensions 181 mm (7.1”) x 147 mm (5.8”) x 64 mm (2.5”)

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