Digital Display

At Lascar Electronics, we are delighted to introduce you to a world where the development and implementation of custom digital panel display applications is made simple and fast.

Lascar Electronics’ offer a wide range digital panel displays, from low-cost panel meters enabling the display of critical measurements, to full-color touch-screen PanelPilotACE displays enabling the rapid development of complex display and control applications with PanelPilotACE Design Studio.

This collection of case studies explores just some of our customer success stories, from ultra-fast development of automotive instrumentation, to data visualization and control of solar power plants, and much more! Discover how businesses have leveraged the simplicity, accuracy and quality of Lascar Electronics’ display solutions to rapidly and cost effectively meet their display and control requirements.

PanelPilotACE Display: Enhancing Field Data Collection

Company Overview Filtertechnik Limited is a well-established company based in Nottingham, UK, specializing in the manufacturing of portable particle counters designed for field use. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Filtertechnik has built a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative solutions for monitoring and analyzing particles in various environments. Filtertechnik Limited has a […]

PanelPilotACE Display: Scientific Air Management

airborne infection control

Hospital Air Disinfection System | Airborne Infection Control | PanelPilotACE Compromised air quality in hospitals can increase the severity of infections in patients and negatively impact staff. There is no overstating the importance of air quality in hospitals and medical centers as these facilities need to be sterile and clean to allow patients to recover […]

PanelPilot B Series: MIB Electronics

electronics battery pack

Ruggedized Power Supply for undercover surveillance Active in the government security market since 1984, MIB Electronic is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of specialized undercover surveillance equipment. Providing and serving government, defense, and law enforcement agencies across the world from their offices in South Germany and South West England. MIB Electronic pride themselves on their […]

PanelPilotACE Display: Oxford Optronix

PanelPilotACE display

Covid-19 Oxygen Monitor – 2 Years’ Work in 5 Days In March 2020 the team at Oxford Optronix were dealt a challenge. The Covid-19 pandemic was hitting the UK, and the company had just been asked to join a high-tech consortium to supply cPAP medical devices to the National Health Service. Desperately needed for Covid […]

PanelPilotACE Display: People Counter App For A Post-Pandemic Society

people counter application

Luxury Bubble is a ladies’ fashion shop in Fordingbridge, at the heart of the New Forest. Like so many stores, when Covid-19 hit and the lockdown started, Luxury Bubble had to close its doors to customers. But with lockdown rules starting to ease, Luxury Bubble’s owner, Sian Currie, started thinking about how she could apply […]

PanelPilotACE Display: Emergency Disinfection Units

evergreen UV air disninfection displays

Specialist Instruments SGD-43A Panel Displays Evergreen UV, a Tennessee-based manufacturer of air disinfection products that eliminate biological pathogens, recently overcame the need to introduce digital HMIs as a means of redesigning their EDU (Emergency Disinfection Unit). Their solution was Lascar’s PanelPilotACE. Derrick Sears, CTO at Evergreen UV, said: “(The traditional, manual timers) were both very […]

PanelPilotACE Display: Data Acquisition and Control

hydraulic test machine

Mackie Transmission Data Acquisition and Control Using an Intuitive Display Established 40 years ago, Glasgow-based Mackie Transmission specializes in the re-manufacturing of automatic and manual transmissions for cars and larger commercial vehicles. Quality benchmarking and reducing product failure during re-manufacture are key and so to help set and maintain these, the company developed its own […]

PanelPilotACE Displays: Displays for Inclinometers

displays for inclinometers

2GIG Engineering Displays for Inclinometers 2GIG Engineering Logo2GIG Engineering, established in 2015 out of Maine, has been manufacturing inclinometers (also known as tilt sensors) for companies in many different industries. These inclinometers are made to accurately sense angular movement in stable to harsh conditions and provide feedback data to the end user in degrees. The […]

PanelPilot M-Series Displays: Ship Propulsion System Meters

Ship Propulsions System Meters for Marine Applications

The GBS Group Ship Propulsion System Meters Established in 2006, The GBS Group is a full service engineering firm based in Virginia Beach, USA, specializing in full system integrations for multiple customers in the commercial and government maritime, rail and transportation industries. The company’s Maritime Division comprises an expert staff of marine, controls & automation, […]

PanelPilotACE Display: Solar Power Plant Control

solar pannels

Be Green Solar Intuitive Control Panels for Solar Power Plants Established in 2008, Be Green Solar specializes in the design and installation of solar, wind and micro-hydro renewable energy systems for Non-Governmental Organizations. The company was recently commissioned to improve the control systems of several solar plants in Haiti – a region left devastated by […]

EasyMount Displays: Custom Amplifiers

EasyMount Displays Custom Amplifiers

Ideal Innovations – Panel Instruments It’s difficult to remember a time when there weren’t iPods, but despite the increasing popularity of portable media players, there are music lovers still dedicated to the sound produced by a standalone amplifier. Like those in the ubiquitous iPod, today most amps are built directly into the music player. Although […]

PanelPilotACE Displays: Custom Automotive Instrumentation


Specialist Instruments SGD-43A Panel Displays Established in 2004, Specialist Instruments Ltd., is a Salisbury-based business involved in the design and manufacture of control systems for specialist pumps and compressors. Working in a variety of industrial sectors, the company works on multiple custom projects, but one industry that continues to experience dramatic growth is agriculture.   […]