PanelPilotACE Display: Emergency Disinfection Units

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Evergreen UV, a Tennessee-based manufacturer of air disinfection products that eliminate biological pathogens, recently overcame the need to introduce digital HMIs as a means of redesigning their EDU (Emergency Disinfection Unit). Their solution was Lascar’s PanelPilotACE.

Derrick Sears, CTO at Evergreen UV, said: “(The traditional, manual timers) were both very hard to set and their accuracy would diminish.” However, he praised the PanelPilotACE’s intuitive interface and user-friendliness, as well as its many notable, built-in, features: “We wanted the EDU to be able to monitor motion sensors, have the ability to log data, and offer alarms.” all of which the PanelPilotACE is capable of doing.

Evergreen UV’s EDU uses the smaller, 4.3” PanelPilotAce model (a larger 7” version is available) which Sears claims is the “most integral part” of the EDU as a whole, not least because it allows users to set a delayed start time, run time, log data, and get notifications of when the EDU’s UV lamps need to be replaced.

The software that comes with the device, PanelPilotACE Design Studio, has also given Evergreen UV something to smile about. Not only is it free, but, thanks to its drag-and-drop usability, it slashed project development times which, for a company like Evergreen UV who were working on at least eight different design versions, is a big step forward.

The overall success of the PanelPilotACE’s introduction to Evergreen UV was such that they put it to use in other projects within the organization. One of which involved using the PanelPilotAce on a disinfecting device to control eight sets of UV bulbs so that they each burned evenly, alerting the user when one is burned out or needs to be replaced based on how much life it had left.

The SGD 70-A is a PanelPilotACE compatible display designed specifically to run projects created in the PanelPilotACE Design Studio. It features a capacitive touch screen and a wealth of hardware interfaces including four 16-bit bipolar analogue inputs, eight digital input/ output pins, two alarm outputs, four PWM outputs, RS232 and RS485 comms, CANbus and FTP transfer of logged data via Ethernet.

From background images to text elements, analogue style meters, touch screen navigation, complex logic statements, PID control, serial communications, multi-channel data logging, Ethernet FTP for logged data transfer, trend graphs and maths functionality, PanelPilotACE Design Studio software allows users to build multi-screen interfaces without writing a line of code.