EL-SMS Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my EL-SMS-2G device have a temperature data logging capability?

No, it is a temperature alert device rather than a temperature logging device, and does not log temperature readings.

What type of batteries do the EL-SMS-2G devices take?

4 x AA alkaline batteries. We also recommend that only high quality alkaline batteries are used, to ensure the best possible battery life.

How can I tell when the battery is low in my EL-SMS-2G device?

When the device is in Standby mode, press the “Status” button, and the red LED will light for 1.5s if the battery is low. When the device is in Run mode, it will send a low battery alert text message.

How do I replace the batteries in my EL-SMS-2G device?

There is a battery cover on the rear of the unit which can be removed by hand.

How long will the batteries in my EL-SMS-2G device last?

The expected battery life at room temperature, sending a daily summary message and up to one alarm notification per week, is one year.

If the batteries in my EL-SMS-2G device run out, will I lose all data?

No, it will be stored in internal memory.

Can I permanently power my EL-SMS-2G device?

No, it is battery power only.

What sort of SIM card does my EL-SMS-2G device need?

A micro SIM card.

Does an EL-SMS-2G device come with a SIM card?

No, this must be purchased from your mobile network of choice.

The SIM card is not working in my EL-SMS-2G device, what can I do?

Check that no PIN code lock is enabled on the SIM. If necessary, fit the SIM card into a normal mobile phone to disable the PIN code lock.

How do I configure my EL-SMS-2G device?

The device is configured via the EL-SMS App, available for Android and iOS. The EL-SMS App creates a configuration SMS which is sent to the device to perform device configuration. Please refer to the User Manual for more information.

Where can I obtain the EL-SMS Mobile App and how much does it cost?

The Android version is available from the Google Play store, and the iOS version from the App Store. The app is free.

How can I tell my EL-SMS-2G device has been successfully configured?

After sending the configuration SMS, you will receive a “Setup complete” message to your phone.

I cannot setup my EL-SMS-2G device, what could be wrong?

Check that the SIM card is fitted correctly in the device, and that it has credit on it. There also needs to be sufficient mobile signal at your location, otherwise the device may be unable to register on the mobile network. If the device is unable to register after two minutes, it will exit the setup attempt. This will be indicated by five short beeps from the sounder and five red LED flashes when the status button is pushed.

How can I tell my EL-SMS-2G device is running normally?

The device can be configured to send periodic summary messages to confirm it is running normally.

What sort of phone do I need to use with an EL-SMS-2G device?

You need an Android or Apple smartphone, and the Operating System requirements are given in another FAQ.  The phone must have the ability to send and receive text messages.

What version of Android do I need to run the Android version of the EL-SMS App?

Android version 4.0.3 and up.

What version of iOS do I need to run the iOS version of the EL-SMS App?

The App is compatible with iOS versions 9.2 and above.

Is my EL-SMS-2G device waterproof and can it be used outdoors?

The product has an IP rating of IP53 providing the thermistor probe is connected. This gives:
– Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm.
– Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical.

If you wish to use the unit outdoors, the thermistor probe must be connected and the unit should be positioned in a sheltered location.

What type of mobile network does the device use to send and receive SMS messages?

The GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Network.

Where can I locate my EL-SMS-2G device?

Anywhere where there is sufficient mobile signal from the mobile network service you intend to use.

How can I tell what mobile signal strength my EL-SMS-2G device is receiving?

Providing there is adequate signal to send a message, you will be shown the signal strength in bars within the “Setup complete” message that is sent to your phone upon successful configuration.

How many phones can EL-SMS-2G device alerts be sent to at once?

Up to three. Note that specifying more phones for notification will significantly reduce the expected battery life and may incur additional costs as more messages are sent.

Can I turn the EL-SMS-2G device’s sounder off?

No, you cannot.

Why won’t my EL-SMS-2G device connect with the mobile network?

Check the SIM card is fitted correctly, does not have a PIN code lock on it and is not faulty, and that there is adequate signal strength at the location. This can be done by using a mobile phone to observe the signal strength available.

Can I set temperature alarms on my EL-SMS-2G device in either Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Yes.  You can use the EL-SMS App to configure the device to use either Celsius or Fahrenheit and then set alarms accordingly.

How can I stop my EL-SMS-2G device from monitoring?

Press the “Status” button for five seconds while holding down the “Stop” button for at least one second. The unit will stop monitoring, show the green LED for three seconds and then reset. The power up LED sequence will then be displayed and the unit will be in the standby mode in an “unconfigured” state.

How can I change my EL-SMS-2G device’s settings?

This is done by sending a new configuration SMS to the device, using the App.

Can I configure my EL-SMS-2G device remotely?

While the configuration SMS could be sent from any location, there still needs to be a person with the device, as the “Status” button on the device needs to be pressed for five seconds to begin the setup sequence.

How can I tell if my EL-SMS-2G device is in standby mode?

Press the “Status” button for one second. The device will show either four green or five red LED flashes. Four green LED flashes mean the unit is ready to begin its first setup attempt. Five red LED flashes mean that the last attempt to set up the unit failed but it is ready for another attempt.

What does this LED flash sequence from my EL-SMS-2G device mean?

Please refer to the User Manual where LED flash sequences are explained. This can be downloaded as a pdf from the resources tab on the product page.

How can I tell if my EL-SMS-2G device is registered on a mobile network?

Mobile network connection status is only shown when the device is trying to send or receive a SMS, and is indicated by the orange Netlight status LED on the front of the device. This will flash every 0.8s when the device is not connected, and change to flashing every 2s when connected.

How often should I send my EL-SMS-2G device for recalibration?

We recommend recalibration on an annual basis; however your procedures may require something else. Please contact us for information on the calibration services we offer.

Why does the time shown by my EL-SMS-2G device appear to lag behind the actual time?

The time on the device is set when it receives a configuration SMS from the App. If there is a delay in the device receiving the configuration SMS, then the time on the device will lag behind the time on the mobile phone used to configure the device.

Will the 2G Network Remain Available in Years to Come?

One major network has expressed their intention to keep its 2G network operational in Europe until at least 2025, so a 2G network should be available for the foreseeable future.