At Lascar Electronics, our wide range of precision data loggers and digital panel displays have been used by customers worldwide to provide successful solutions to a vast array of data monitoring and display requirements. You can read a few of these success stories on our data logger case studies and digital display case studies pages.

Here we present a selection of whitepapers discussing the use of Lascar Electronics data loggers and digital displays in a variety of application areas, from CO2 and indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring in public buildings, to monitoring temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and food products, to rapid HMI development, and much more!

The Importance of Accurate Temperature Measurement for Vaccine Storage

Vaccine Vials with Hypodermic Syringe

The potency of vaccines degrades quickly when they aren’t stored within the correct temperature range. Monitoring and recording of temperatures within refrigerators, freezers and containers used for storing vaccines is therefore well-established practice. However, ensuring that readings taken match the actual temperatures experienced by vaccines requires the methodical application of best practice. Failure to do […]

The Impact of Temperature and Humidity on Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Person Experiencing Emotional Distress

The climate is constantly changing. One day rain and high wind chills, the next blue skies and sunshine. And this erratic weather sends temperatures unpredictably up and down. Whether you’re relaxing watching TV, sitting and reading a book or running around doing the housework, the environment in your household determines the effect that different temperatures […]

Monitoring Environmental Conditions within Private and Residential Properties

Data Loggers in a Home

Businesses have a legal obligation to ensure that the working environment for their employees is suitable; comfortable workstations, adequate lighting and the temperature and humidity set at an appropriate level. These conditions are constantly monitored to make sure that the Health and Safety of their employees is maintained. But what about maintaining that same diligence […]

Lascar’s Answer to Accurate Temperature Monitoring in Potato Storage

Potatoes in Storage

World over, continuous use of CIPC (as a sprout suppressant on potatoes) for a period of more than 50 years and that too at commercial scale has brought in some pertinent issues which are related directly to the safety of human, animal, water and environment (Paul, Ezekiel and Pandey, 2015). In light of the recent […]

Reducing the Cost of Food Storage Monitoring

Fruit and Vegetables in Storage

Abstract In any form of retail, staff are at their most valuable when serving and helping customers. Time spent doing administration costs double – once in doing the work and again in lost customer interaction. Recent developments in data automation have swept away much day to day paperwork and the best business managers are always […]

Monitoring the Environment of Stored Musical Instruments

Old Piano

Experts agree that humidity and extreme temperatures are enemies of musical instruments in storage, and instrument owners need to take great care when storing them. If they don’t, then they run the risk of their instruments warping, expanding, contracting or becoming otherwise damaged, which can lead to costly repair or replacement. (Garraffo, 2016) Varying temperatures […]

Conditions that Cause Mold Growth

room with mould

It can take as little as four weeks for mold to grow to a damaging extent on a surface that was previously clean, dry and unblemished. Given that mold can cause health problems as well as structural damage it’s important to understand the conditions that cause mold growth, so that they can be avoided. This […]

Safeguarding Farm-Reared Chickens During Extreme Hot Weather

During hot weather poultry of all types, ages and size have difficulty achieving a balance between body heat production and body heat loss, which causes problems for livestock farmers. Greater technological monitoring and forecasting is required as global temperatures increase and heatwaves occur more regularly. As these factors escalate significantly, and if ventilation breaks down […]

Protecting Exotic Species of Praying Mantis

devils flower mantis

The Idolomantis Diabolica, otherwise known as the Devil’s Flower Mantis is one of the largest species of praying mantis in the world and is thought to possibly be the largest that mimics flowers. Known for its size, colors and threat display, the Idolomantis is an impressive and desired insect for most mantis lovers. Threats Imposed […]

Temperature Monitoring Deep Frozen Vaccines

covid vaccine

If the cold chain is not properly maintained, vaccine potency may be lost, resulting in a useless vaccine supply. CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit Many vaccines contain living cells, and so when stored for any length of time they must be kept within a suitable temperature range to prevent degradation. Vaccine shots that are […]

Tools for Fast Interface and HMI Development

The continuous product evolution cycle that exists in today’s engineering industry brings with it enormous pressure for businesses to launch new and exciting products to the market faster than ever. The ability, therefore, to take a product from concept to a fully-functional device, in a greatly reduced time period, is vital. Organizations may typically find […]

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Monitoring for Indoor Air Quality

lady sat on sofa enjoying hot drink

Why Monitor CO₂? Every breath we exhale contains CO₂. Because of this, CO₂ monitoring is an excellent way to measure the level of ventilation, and the rate of fresh air replenishment, in any indoor setting. High CO₂ levels in themselves can cause health problems including headaches, dizziness and fatigue(1). But when used as a measure […]

Complying With Indoor CO₂ Monitoring Regulations

school children learning with teacher

Indoor Air Quality Legislation It is a well-established fact that indoor carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels can cause a variety of health problems, including respiratory ailments, headaches, dizziness and fatigue1. These changes can occur in concentrations as low as 500 ppm, not far above the typical outdoor ‘fresh air’ level around 400 ppm. Indoor CO₂ levels […]

Hygienic, Uncomplicated and Reliable: Why the Future of Switches is Contactless

future switches contactless

Reducing the Spread of Diseases The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed public awareness of the importance of hygiene. Mild concern about the spread of minor illnesses such as colds and stomach upsets has been replaced with the realization that serious diseases such as diarrhoea, norovirus and respiratory infections are easily transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces. Indeed, […]