The Impact of Temperature and Humidity on Mental and Physical Wellbeing

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The climate is constantly changing. One day rain and high wind chills, the next blue skies and sunshine. And this erratic weather sends temperatures unpredictably up and down. Whether you’re relaxing watching TV, sitting and reading a book or running around doing the housework, the environment in your household determines the effect that different temperatures can have on your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

When the surrounding temperature levels are too high, we immediately feel the impact this has on our bodies. We sweat and feel clammy and restless and become tired and lethargic. But lowering the temperature too much can also have an adverse effect on your mind and body. You start to shiver and find it hard to concentrate on anything else apart from getting warm.

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Having the ability to see the temperature and humidity levels in your home will allow this constant rise and fall in comfort to be understood and, better yet controlled. The atmosphere in our homes is regulated by temperature, humidity, and air flow.

If these are not set at the safe recommended levels, it can have a damaging effect on our health, both mentally and physically, generating anything from mild to severe symptoms.

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The recommended ideal room temperature should be about 18°C. (slightly lower than this, for those with respiratory problems, or slightly higher for the very young or old). Sustaining the correct temperature levels in our homes, allows our bodies to stay healthy and function naturally.

The recommended humidity in our homes should be between 30 – 50% with the ideal being 40%. Sustaining the correct humidity levels in our homes, allows our bodies to stay healthy and function naturally.

It is important to monitor and maintain the correct temperature, humidity, and air flow in our homes on a regular basis, to create the ideal environment for our overall general health and wellbeing.