Lascar Electronics offers a comprehensive calibration service, ensuring that their instruments and data loggers perform accurately and reliably. This service is crucial for maintaining the precision of measurements, which is especially important for clients in sectors where data accuracy is paramount. Our calibration service, conducted by skilled technicians, also helps in extending the lifespan of the devices and maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Calibration Options

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EasyLog Cloud

The EasyLog Cloud service offers a revolutionary way to store, access, and manage data from EasyLog data loggers. Our cloud-based platform allows users to effortlessly upload and access data remotely, ensuring that important information is always within reach, no matter where they are. The service offers a simple interface for real-time monitoring, with customizable alerts to notify users of any critical data changes. EasyLog Cloud is ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from industrial monitoring to environmental data analysis.

EasyLog Cloud

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Design and Supply

Lascar Electronics specializes at providing complete design and supply services that are specifically customized to address the distinct requirements of various industries. To guarantee that each product not only adheres to standards of functionality but also aligns precisely with the operational objectives of its clients, Lascar works closely with you to understand your unique needs. Additionally, our supply services are optimizer for efficiency, ensuring reliable delivery of high-quality products. This combination of bespoke design and efficient supply chain management positions Lascar as a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative electronic solutions.

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Engineers, scientists, healthcare professionals and innovators from thousands of organizations worldwide rely on our products and services. Lascar’s multidisciplinary teams of engineers combine expertise and innovation, developing cutting-edge products for our customers. From powerful human-machine interfaces to wireless data loggers and App design, we always make the user experience as easy and intuitive as possible.

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Product Development

Lascar Electronics has left a lasting mark through the creation of the world’s first USB data logger. This groundbreaking invention has greatly improved the efficiency of gathering and analyzing data in a range of diverse industries. Furthermore, Lascar was one of the first companies to successfully venture into the Internet of Things (IoT) market, demonstrating foresight in embracing emerging technologies. Lascar remains dedicated to advancing its capabilities through continuing to invest in research and development. By consistently introducing new technologies and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving tech industry, Lascar stays at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech industry.

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Global Distribution

Today, Lascar Electronics operates from four direct global sites in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong supplying products directly to customers throughout the world and through its network of over 100 global distributors and resellers.

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