PanelPilotACE Display: Enhancing Field Data Collection

Company Overview

Filtertechnik Limited is a well-established company based in Nottingham, UK, specializing in the manufacturing of portable particle counters designed for field use. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Filtertechnik has built a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative solutions for monitoring and analyzing particles in various environments.

Filtertechnik Limited has a history of collaborating with Lascar Electronics, a renowned provider of data logging and human-machine interface (HMI) solutions. Their recent project involved the use of Lascar’s PanelPilotACE 4.3 and 7″ HMI devices to enhance their portable particle counters and data collection capabilities.


Application Description

Filtertechnik’s portable particle counters are designed to collect data from multiple sensors via Modbus and analogue signals. The collected data is then displayed numerically and graphically on the device’s screen. However, to further enhance their product’s utility, Filtertechnik collaborated with Lascar to implement a QR code feature.

The QR code feature developed with Lascar serves as a valuable addition to Filtertechnik’s particle counters. It captures the last five readings from all connected sensors and generates a QR code that links to a designated website. This website is dynamically populated with the collected data, enabling users to access and analyze up to 180 data points seamlessly. This innovation significantly improves the accessibility and usability of the device for field users, making data retrieval and analysis more efficient.

Data Case

Integration and Ease of Use

Mounting and installing Lascar’s PanelPilotACE 4.3 and 7″ HMI devices in Filtertechnik’s design proved to be a straightforward process, contributing to a smooth product integration. The software setup, while initially requiring some learning curve, was eventually deemed acceptable by Filtertechnik’s engineering team. The overall setup, including the implementation of the QR code feature, took several months of programming and collaboration between Filtertechnik and Lascar’s technical experts.

QR code scan

Key Features of Lascar Products

Filtertechnik Limited identified several key features of Lascar’s products that greatly benefited their application.

Ease of Use – The PanelPilotACE devices were commended for their user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible to both engineers and field technicians.

Adaptability of PanelPilotACE – Filtertechnik found that the PanelPilotACE devices were adaptable to their specific needs, allowing for customization and seamless integration into their particle counters.

Flexibility of Software Design – Lascar’s software design provided the flexibility required to implement the QR code feature and other enhancements, ensuring that Filtertechnik could meet its unique project goals.



Filtertechnik Limited’s collaboration with Lascar Electronics has resulted in a significant enhancement of their portable particle counters. The implementation of the QR code feature and the use of Lascar’s PanelPilotACE 4.3 and 7″ HMI devices have made data collection and analysis more efficient and user-friendly. Filtertechnik continues to innovate in the field of particle monitoring, and its partnership with Lascar Electronics exemplifies the benefits of industry collaboration and innovative product development.