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Compromised air quality in hospitals can increase the severity of infections in patients and negatively impact staff. There is no overstating the importance of air quality in hospitals and medical centers as these facilities need to be sterile and clean to allow patients to recover and employees to work safely.

According to significant research articles, over 35% of infections can be transmitted through the air. These types of infections can leave particles suspended in the air for extended periods of time.


Scientific Air Management, a Florida-based company, created the S400 to reduce these transmissions in critical areas. The S400 is a mobile air disinfection unit designed to remove airborne contaminants, pathogens, and odors of all types.

The S400 unit utilizes Lascar Electronics’ SGD 43-A programmable TFT panel meter. Scientific Air Management chose the SGD 43-A display primarily for its programmable interface and ease of use. The free configuration software supplied with the panel meter enabled Scientific Air Management to design and create a multi-page user interface.

Panel pilot Scientific Air Management

The design utilized two PWM outputs to control fan speed and illumination of the UV bulbs. The SGD 43-A also displays the HEPA filter runtime to ease maintenance and ensure efficient operation.

Lascar recently designed and manufactured a PCB that eases the assembly process and greatly speeds up the production time of the completed assembly. Lascar Electronics was proud to help Scientific Air Management meet the high demand and supply hospitals with the S400 during the COVID19 crisis.

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