PanelPilot B Series: MIB Electronics

Ruggedized Power Supply for undercover surveillance

Active in the government security market since 1984, MIB Electronic is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of specialized undercover surveillance equipment. Providing and serving government, defense, and law enforcement agencies across the world from their offices in South Germany and South West England.

MIB Electronic pride themselves on their ability to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of high-quality equipment. This equipment includes undercover surveillance smartphones, mini pan, tilt and zoom camera systems, laser, and IR audio surveillance devices, alarm system sensors, and much more.

Thanks to their extensive manufacturing capabilities, MIB Electronic also offer customization services, enabling them to meet their customers’ particular design needs.

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The Challenge

One of MIB Electronics’ recent projects involved building Ruggedized Power Supply units for outdoor surveillance applications. The brief was very specific: the units needed to be weatherproof, hard-wearing, suitable for outdoor power supplies and able to withstand harsh environments.

The need for a display was also important, a display that provided valuable visual feedback by showing the voltage and status of the battery was essential.

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The Solution

After several attempts at finding a product that suited both the application and their client’s needs, MIB Electronic discovered the SGD 21-B from Lascar Electronics. A low-cost, ultra-low-power, sunlight-readable, single-channel voltmeter with a sleek, monochrome 2.1″ e-paper dot matrix display.

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The SGD 21-B has an ultra-low power consumption along with a sun-readable display, both very important points for this application.

The SGD 21-B also provides a quick and easy visual feedback, informing the user about the status of the battery pack.

With the use of Lascar’s SGD 21-B, MIB Electronics successfully created the battery pack with the capacity to manage multiple output options to power surveillance equipment in a range of demanding situations including bad weather conditions.

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