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Full colour touch screen displays with integrated process control.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment plays a crucial role in shaping industries, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth across sectors. These machines and devices are the backbone of manufacturing, construction and many other industries, ensuring efficiency, safety and high-quality output. With the evolution of technology and the increasing demand for optimized performance, the need for monitoring, controlling and managing industrial equipment has never been more critical.

Lascar Electronics has a diverse line of products designed specifically for industrial equipment applications. Lascar’s solutions are developed to improve the performance, dependability and longevity of a wide range of industrial machinery, taking into account the unique problems and requirements of many industries. Industry professionals can obtain deeper insights into their equipment’s performance, avert any faults and ensure flawless and efficient industrial operations by utilizing Lascar’s innovative technology, thereby contributing to overall organizational success.

Products and their Application

Lascar Electronics meets the diverse needs of the industrial world with a range of solutions designed to seamlessly interact with a wide range of equipment, providing consistent monitoring and performance optimization’s.

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Wireless Data Loggers with EasyLog Cloud

Lascar’s Wireless Data Loggers, coupled with the EasyLog Cloud, offer the advantage of real-time monitoring of various operational conditions such as temperature, humidity and voltage.

  • Temperature & Humidity

    US$184.49 ex. tax
    • Temperature & RH Logger
    • -20 to +60°C / 0 to 100%RH
    • Large format LCD display
    • Connects to EasyLog Cloud via Wi-Fi
    • Programmable alarm thresholds
    • Email and SMS notifications
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  • Pressure

    US$229.99 ex. tax
    • Pressure, temperature & RH logger
    • -18 to +55°C / 0 to 100% RH
    • 300 to 1200mbar pressure
    • Stores over 1,000,000 readings
    • No software to install
    • Status and alarm indicators
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  • Temperature & Humidity

    US$252.99 ex. tax
    High Accuracy Temp & RH Data Logger with Graphic Screen and Audible Alarm
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PanelPilot Displays

The customizable PanelPilot Displays from Lascar are essential for providing clear, accurate readings and control of operational parameters on industrial equipment, contributing to overall equipment efficacy and user-friendly interactions.

  • PanelPilotACE

    US$516.49 ex. tax
    • 7″ TFT display
    • Capacitive touch screen
    • Four 16-bit analogue inputs
    • Eight digital I/O
    • Four 8-bit PWM outputs
    • Drag-and-drop app design software
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  • PanelPilot M

    US$120.99 ex. tax
    • 2.4” TFT display
    • Measures 0 to 40 V d.c.
    • Fully customizable
    • Multiple voltmeter configurations
    • Programmable via USB
    • Simple panel mounting solution
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  • PanelPilot M

    US$139.49 ex. tax
    2.4” Programmable TFT 4-20mA Process Meter
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Panel Meters in an industrial scene

Panel Meters/Instruments

Lascar’s Panel Meters and Instruments are pivotal for accurate measurement and display of process parameters, ensuring operators can monitor and adjust equipment conditions swiftly and accurately, thus optimizing overall performance.

Products and their Application

With Lascar’s innovative solutions, industries are not only assured of optimal operation but are also positioned at the forefront of technological advancements in industrial practices, paving the way for sustained growth and progressive development.

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

In the quest for a reliable monitoring partner for industrial equipment, Lascar Electronics emerges as a beacon of innovation, precision and unwavering support, ensuring industries can concentrate on their core competencies while we manage the intricacies of equipment monitoring.

Precision and Reliability: Our products are meticulously crafted to deliver accurate and consistent data, which is indispensable in the industrial landscape.

Innovative Solutions: Pioneering in the field, Lascar Electronics brings forward a spectrum of products and solutions, including real-time monitoring and adaptable displays, addressing the diversified and evolving needs of industrial equipment.

User-Centric Design: Our products, characterized by their adaptability and user-friendly interfaces, blend effortlessly into diverse industrial settings, facilitating efficient equipment management and operation.

Dedicated Support: Lascar Electronics extends beyond mere product provision – we are committed to offering unwavering support, ensuring prompt and effective resolution of any queries or challenges encountered by our industrial partners.

Case Studies

These insightful narratives showcase real-world applications, underlining how our innovative products have optimized operations, shortened downtime and propelled industrial progression.

Join us on a voyage of discovery and collaboration, revealing the instrumental role of Lascar Electronics in sculpting the future of industrial equipment monitoring and enhancement.

PanelPilot Displays Displays for Inclinometers

displays for inclinometers

2GIG Engineering, based in Maine, specializes in the design and manufacture of inclinometers that use microelectromechanical or ‘MEMS’ technology. These inclinometers detect angular movement accurately in both stable and hostile environments, providing output data in degrees to the end user. PanelPilotACE modules are used by 2GIG to build bespoke touchscreen displays for a variety of projects, including spinal surgery equipment, helicopter in-flight roll and yaw angles, displaying the digging depth for suction cutter dredges and stabilized cinematography equipment.

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Featured Products

  • PanelPilotACE

    US$315.99 ex. tax
    • 4.3" TFT display
    • Capacitive touch screen
    • Four 16-bit analogue inputs
    • Eight digital I/O
    • Four 8-bit PWM outputs
    • Drag-and-drop app design software
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  • Temperature Data Loggers

    US$126.49 ex. tax
    • WiFi Temperature Data Logger
    • -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
    • EasyLog Cloud Connectivity
    • Easy Sensor Setup
    • Free PC Software
    • High and Low Alarms
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  • PanelPilot M

    US$242.49 ex. tax
    • 2.4” Waterproof Programmable TFT
    • IP-67 and NEMA 6 rated
    • Free Windows Design Software
    • Programmable with USB interface
    • 4V - 30V d.c Operating Voltage
    • 0 - 40V d.c Measurement Range
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