Process Control and Automation

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Full color touch screen displays with integrated process control.

Process Control and Automation

Process Control and Automation are the foundations of many industries, supporting operations and assuring maximum efficiency and reliability. These technologies enable precise administration and regulation of manufacturing processes, resulting in uniformity, quality and adaptability. The value of strong Process Control and Automation systems in today’s competitive industrial landscape cannot be emphasized, as they enable real-time modifications, minimize delay and contribute to overall operational excellence.

Lascar Electronics is a market leader in this field, providing a wide range of products and solutions to increase Process Control and Automation standards. Our solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with existing systems, allowing for more monitoring, control and data collection. By applying Lascar’s unique solutions, industries can navigate the complexities of modern production settings, ensuring that their operations are flexible, compliant and aligned with the shifting dynamics of market needs. Lascar’s solutions’ implementation into these complex systems contributes to a healthy industrial ecosystem that supports efficiency and innovation.

Products and their Applications

Lascar Electronics develops solutions that exhibit innovation, dependability and adaptability while solving the various challenges of Process Control and Automation. Our product line has been carefully developed to meet unique needs and improve the performance of various automation systems.

Lascar Electronics is dedicated to innovation and precision. Our product portfolio is designed to provide comprehensive Process Control and Automation solutions, including adjustable display modules and powerful data loggers. Our continuous commitment to quality assures dependability and adaptability, allowing our solutions to play a critical role in driving progress and improving automation technologies.

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PanelPilotACE Display Modules

PanelPilotACE Display Modules are the foundation of automation’s visual interface, enabling flexibility and adaptability. The system’s versatility allows for real-time process monitoring as well as user-defined warnings, ensuring effective control and adaption in a wide range of automation applications.

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EL-USB Data Loggers

EL-USB Data Loggers are ideal for accurate environmental monitoring and provide critical data to keep automated processes running smoothly. In addition to their instantaneous data sharing capabilities, these loggers offer quick decision-making and modification.


USB Data Logger

EL-GFX Data Loggers

EL-GFX Data Loggers, with a graphic screen displaying real-time readings, trends and data summaries, are crucial in visualizing and monitoring critical parameters in automation, boosting operational understanding and control.


Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

In the ever-evolving field of Process Control and Automation, choosing a partner that aligns with your commitment to excellence and innovation is crucial. Lascar Electronics exemplifies this alignment, showcasing a history of pioneering solutions and a robust portfolio of products designed to meet the diverse needs of this sector.

Innovative Solutions: Lascar Electronics is a market leader in innovative products such as the PanelPilotACE Display Modules and advanced EL-USB and EL-GFX Data Loggers, which provide versatile and customizable solutions for a variety of automation environments.

Precision and Reliability: Our products are designed to produce precise and dependable data, ensuring the smooth operation and adaptation of automated processes and systems.

Adaptability and Customization: Our systems’ versatility, combined with the customization options available with our display modules, enables seamless integration and optimization in a wide range of automation applications.

Dedicated Support and Expertise: Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering unrivalled support, ensuring that you not only have the greatest goods, but also the expertise and assistance required to maximize their impact.

By partnering with Lascar Electronics, you are entrusting your Process Control and Automation requirements to a seasoned partner with a track record of excellence and innovation. Our dedication to quality, adaptability and support ensures that we will be a reliable element in expanding your automation efforts.

Let’s explore this further with a case study

Explore our comprehensive case studies to delve deeper into how Lascar Electronics is making a definitive impact in Process Control and Automation. Discover how our innovative products and solutions are shaping the future of automation, ensuring operational efficiency and driving advancements in the field.

Mackie Transmission

PanelPilotACE Display: Data Acquisition & Control

Mackie Transmission

Established 40 years ago, Glasgow-based Mackie Transmission specializes in the re-manufacturing of automatic and manual transmissions for cars and larger commercial vehicles. Quality benchmarking and reducing product failure during re-manufacture are key and so to help set and maintain these, the company developed its own hydraulic test machine to test the integrity of hydraulic circuits on an automatic transmission.

The machine allows the operator to compare the actual values of the transmission they are working on, to the values it should be if in full working order, by pumping automatic transmission fluid into the transmission and providing pressure and flow readings.

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