Outside Environmental Data

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Reliable automatic environmental data logging.

Outside Environmental Data

Outside environmental data collection and analysis are key components of furthering research and fostering scientific discoveries. Lascar Electronics, known for its innovative data logging solutions, is critical in providing researchers and scientists with the tools they need to accurately capture, monitor and analyze environmental conditions, thereby contributing to knowledge advancement and the development of sustainable solutions for our planet.

Environmental USB monitoring

Products and their Application

Lascar Electronics offers a portfolio of robust and reliable products designed specifically for recording and processing outdoor environmental data, which is critical for research and scientific discovery.

Each of Lascar Electronics’ cutting-edge products is built with an emphasis on precision, dependability and user-centric adaptability, thereby empowering researchers in their pursuit of scientific discovery.


EL- SIE in an agriculture situation

Data Loggers

These data loggers, which are built for durability and precision, are critical when measuring precise environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Their robust design allows for long-term deployment in a variety of challenging outdoor conditions.
The EL-SIE family is an excellent research tool due to its ability to log a wide range of environmental parameters and its variety of data display options. The built-in alarms and unmatched storage capacity make it an excellent tool for long-term field research, ensuring that no data is lost or compromised.


PanelPilotACE Display

The versatility and adaptability of the PanelPilotACE Display make it a perfect alternative for researchers who need an immediate and clear display of monitored data in the field. Its ability to communicate with a wide range of sensors offers a multimodal approach to collecting and analyzing environmental data.

Environmental USB logger

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Precision and Reliability: Lascar Electronics stands out for its commitment to delivering products characterized by high accuracy and reliability, essential attributes for scientific research and environmental studies.

Innovative and Adaptable Solutions: Lascar’s continuous innovation results in products that are not only advanced but also adaptable to the diverse and evolving needs of scientific research, ensuring that researchers are well-equipped.

User-Centric Design: Understanding the importance of usability, Lascar designs products that are user-friendly, with clear interfaces and easy data access, allowing researchers to focus on their studies.

Dedicated Support: The support team at Lascar Electronics is committed to assisting users in making the most of their products, providing timely guidance and addressing queries, ensuring a seamless research experience.

Case Study

Explore our range of case studies to discover how our cutting-edge products have played a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of research and upholding data integrity across a myriad of scientific fields.

Bee Hive Case Study

USB: Logging Beehive Temperatures

Monitoring bee health with EasyLog USB loggers

Joergen Nielsen of Silkeborg, Denmark, began raising bees in his yard in 2016, resurrecting an old pastime from his childhood on a farm.

He’d been called by a beekeeping buddy whose husband had acquired an allergy to bee stings, and she’d taken the logical option of releasing her bees (not her husband!) – and so they ended up in Joergen’s garden. Joergen currently maintains three hives for his honey manufacturing company, Alderslyst Honning.

Joergen had the terrible experience of a hive dying due to cold weather. To avoid this occurring again, he sought a way to monitor the temperature in the hive so he knew the bees were safe. Lascar’s USB loggers allowed Joergen to monitor the temperature and keep an eye on fluctuations to the environment.

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