Museums and Exhibitions

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Simple and reliable automated temperature and humidity data logging.

Museums and Exhibitions

Museums and exhibitions are historical, cultural, and artistic havens that house rare artifacts and collections that require a stable and secure setting to prevent deterioration. These treasures must be preserved because they provide insight into our past, enrich our present and educate future generations. Keeping these artifacts in good condition is a delicate balance, with changes in temperature, humidity and light having the potential to cause irreversible harm.

Recognizing the critical requirement for precise environmental control in these situations, Lascar Electronics provides bespoke solutions designed to protect the integrity of displays and collections. Our products provide precise monitoring and control, ensuring that each artifact is kept in the best possible condition. Museums and exhibition spaces can preserve the delicate balance required to protect and conserve our common heritage with Lascar’s unique solutions, guaranteeing that the wonders of history, art, and culture remain accessible for future generations.

Products and their Application

Navigating through the ecosystems of museums necessitates technology and sensitivity. Lascar Electronics, with its diverse product range, guides institutions in achieving the balance between preservation and presentation.

Lascar’s solutions act as a dedicated guardian for Museums and Exhibitions, offering a protective shield that safeguards the past while embracing the present, ensuring each artifact continues to narrate its story for generations.

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Wireless Data Loggers

Fundamental to museums, Lascar’s Wireless Data Loggers provide real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity essential for artifact preservation, enabling curators to maintain optimal environmental conditions and ensuring the longevity and integrity of each piece.

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EasyLog USB Series

The EasyLog USB series is versatile for monitoring and logging data, which is crucial for ensuring the proper environment in museums. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, it stands as an essential tool in environmental control.

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EasyLog Cloud

Lascar’s EasyLog Cloud allows for proficient remote monitoring and efficient data management, empowering curators to monitor conditions across multiple exhibit rooms simultaneously, ensuring meticulous preservation of every artifact.

EasyLog Cloud

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Choosing a partner for environmental monitoring in museums is crucial. Lascar Electronics emerges as the preferred choice, offering innovative and reliable solutions that create an environment where history and artistry thrive.

Precision and Reliability: Lascar Electronics is known for its commitment to precision and reliability, ensuring accurate and consistent environmental monitoring.

Innovative Solutions: At the forefront of providing innovative solutions, the integration of real-time monitoring and cloud-based data management addresses preservation challenges proactively.

User-Centric Design: Lascar Electronics embodies a user-centric design philosophy, ensuring ease of use and seamless integration into the demanding environments of museums.

Dedicated Support: Lascar Electronics is committed to customer success, with a dedicated support team available to assist with any queries or challenges.

With Lascar Electronics, museums are not just acquiring technology; they are embracing a partnership of dedication and expertise, envisioning a future where every exhibit is a testament to the amalgamation of history, art, and technology.

Case Studies

These accounts will investigate issues and show how Lascar’s solutions have been critical in conserving artifacts and improving experiences, emphasizing Lascar Electronics’ important role in cultural heritage preservation.

Join us as we explore stories of commitment and creativity that highlight Lascar Electronics’ major contributions to the preservation of our world heritage.

WiFi Asia Society

Ensuring safe environments for rare antiquities

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Founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd, Asia Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit institution with major centers and offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.

The museum, located at the Society’s headquarters in New York, houses a collection that includes the Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection of Asian art and contemporary works of art and presents rotating exhibitions with loans from public and private collections around the world, including those in China, Japan, India, and Korea.

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