Blood Storage

Blood Storage Temperature Monitoring

Temperature and humidity data logging for blood and blood components.

Blood Storage

Lascar Electronics recognizes the importance of this responsibility and provides a range of products designed to improve blood storage conditions. Our devices are carefully engineered to ensure the safety and integrity of stored blood by providing accurate monitoring, real-time data logging and fast alert systems. Integrating Lascar’s cutting-edge technologies into blood storage systems improves reliability, conformity to healthcare standards and, ultimately, patient safety. Our focus to innovation and precision emphasizes our commitment to assisting healthcare providers in conserving every unit of blood.

An Extensive Selection of Expert Solutions

Lascar Electronics offers a range of cutting-edge products carefully designed for blood storage applications.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger

USB Data Loggers

These precision data recorders are crucial for regularly detecting temperature changes in blood storage facilities. Their seamless integration of reliability and usability ensures that deviations from the required parameters are detected and addressed as soon as possible.

HACCP system connecting to cloud on phone

Wireless Data Loggers with Cloud Storage

These loggers, which are best suited for larger storage facilities or circumstances requiring remote monitoring, enable real-time transmission of critical temperature data to a centralized system and their integrated cloud storage enables secure and convenient data management, ensuring blood storage conformity and integrity.

News New Dual Channel Temp and Humidity Logger with External Probe

Temperature Monitoring for Blood Storage

These specialist loggers are designed to accurately monitor temperature in blood storage facilities, ensuring that the stored components remain within the specified safety criteria.

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Selecting Lascar Electronics as your partner in blood storage management offers an array of benefits and distinguished features.

Industry Knowledge: Lascar Electronics understands the complicated nature of blood storage regulations and criteria. The firm’s extensive expertise translates into products and services that effectively and consistently manage the storage of blood.

User-Centric Innovation: Lascar’s approach is based on a commitment to innovation that prioritizes the user. The devices were designed to be user-friendly, allowing for ease of use, clear data visualization and correct analysis of data, all of which improve operational efficiency in a variety of blood storage conditions.

Customized Solutions: These have been methodically constructed to seamlessly correlate with the varied operational criteria of healthcare facilities and research institutions, ensuring that each user can find a fit for their specific needs.

Dedicated Support: Lascar Electronics provides exceptional customer service in addition to high-quality products. The specialized team is always available to answer questions and resolve any concerns.

Choosing Lascar Electronics means choosing a combination of expertise, innovation, customization and support, all with the goal of improving the integrity and efficiency of blood storage management.

EasyLog 21 CFR Cloud logoData Security – 21CFR Data Logging

If you need your data records to be encrypted and are subject to external audit validation, have a look at Lascar’s range of 21 CFR-compliant loggers. Created by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and increasingly used as a standard worldwide, 21CFR Part 11 defines the criteria under which electronic records are considered trustworthy, reliable and equivalent to signed paper records. The EasyLog 21CFR range is specifically designed for use within a Part 11-compliant environment.


Case Studies

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the application and benefits of Lascar Electronics in blood storage management, a detailed exploration of practical scenarios is essential.


WiFi: Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy

Previously, Ashtons relied on traditional thermometers to monitor the temperature of their key storage areas. Temperatures were checked manually twice a day and recorded with pen and paper. To reduce the time and costs taken, Ashtons took the decision to move to EL-WIFI sensors and the EasyLog Cloud remote monitoring platform. This provides automated alerts whenever a temperature goes out of range, sent to multiple people so that they can be responded to within seconds – keeping medicines within temperature ranges far more effectively. It also ensures that alerts can be responded to out of hours, an important capability.

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