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Reliable automatic data logging of voltage, current and more.

Test and Measurement

Many industries rely on test and measurement applications to ensure the accuracy, compliance and quality of their products and processes.

The extensive product line of Lascar Electronics is carefully developed, ensuring that industries may conduct reliable assessments while keeping the highest quality standards. Our commitment to excellence and innovation differentiates us as a trustworthy partner for companies seeking to improve their Test and Measurement skills and drive continuous improvement in their operations.

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Products and their Usage

In the demanding sector of Test and Measurement, products that offer exact, trustworthy and real-time data are crucial. Lascar Electronics meets these complicated needs by offering a carefully curated portfolio of solutions that seamlessly integrate into a wide range of testing settings, delivering precision and dependability at every level.

Lascar Electronics assures that Test and Measurement experts have top-tier tools with its line of painstakingly developed devices. This dedication to perfection not only provides exact findings but also lays the road for breakthroughs and improvements in testing and data analysis.

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EasyLog USB Data Loggers

Lascar’s EasyLog USB Data Loggers are known for their accuracy in monitoring a wide range of environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity and voltage. These USB-enabled loggers provide fast data transfer, making them perfect for a variety of Test and Measurement applications where instant data retrieval and analysis are required to ensure optimal conditions.

PanelPilotACE Display Modules

The PanelPilotACE display module family provides a dynamic framework for creating custom user interfaces and data visualizations. These modules serve as the nerve centre of Test and Measurement efforts, providing engineers and technicians with a flexible, customized interface for watchful monitoring and thorough control of an array of parameters.

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Unmatched Precision:  Lascar Electronics prioritizes unrivalled accuracy, guaranteeing that every product offers consistent and precise data, which is essential in the diverse world of Test and Measurement.

Innovative Solutions: Innovation drives Lascar Electronics, providing a versatile range of products and solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the Test and Measurement sector.

User-Centric Design: With a focus on the user, Lascar’s products integrate seamlessly into various testing applications, allowing for streamlined monitoring and control.

Dedicated Support: Lascar Electronics’ commitment extends beyond product delivery. We offer steadfast support to navigate any challenges and ensure smooth operations in the field of Test and Measurement.

Opting for Lascar Electronics is choosing a journey of precision, innovation and partnership, where our technology propels advancements in the field of Test and Measurement.

Case Study

Explore our numerous case studies, which demonstrate Lascar Electronics’ contribution to the Test & Measurement industry. Discover real-world instances of how our innovative solutions have improved testing procedures, increased accuracy and expedited measurement technology development.

USB: Fort Stanton Cave Underground River Monitoring

Using Lascar’s voltage data loggers to investigate river flow underground


Water Testing

Fort Stanton Cave in New Mexico has been the subject of exploration for hundreds of years. The ancient underground rivers that formed over 30 miles of passages are little understood and the Fort Stanton Cave Study Group (FSCSG) was determined to map their behavior. Tim Frederickson realized they could measure water levels in the famous Snowy River Passage using a sensor with a voltage output. But how to record the results?

“I knew I was looking for something to log data and I also knew that there were a lot of factors that would make finding something workable very difficult. How do you power something underground that has to take readings over several months or even years? We needed to set up technology in an environment that would have no external power source, up to one hundred percent humidity, and could take an experienced caver as many as twelve hours to reach.” Tim Frederickson, FSCSG

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