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To preserve the safety, efficiency and operational integrity of boats and marine equipment while navigating the vast and unpredictable sea environment, dependable monitoring and control systems are required. The marine sector requires sturdy and adaptable technology that can withstand the elements while delivering precise, real-time data in this dynamic and demanding environment. Lascar Electronics, a global leader, is on the front edge of designing novel solutions to fulfil the specific requirements of marine applications.

Our product portfolio is meticulously designed to endure the rigours of marine environments, ensuring longevity, precision and dependability. The solutions provided by Lascar Electronics are crucial for improving marine operations and reducing hazards, whether for navigation, equipment monitoring, or environmental data gathering. Our revolutionary technology enhances the capabilities of marine applications, resulting in safer and more efficient travels and ensuring the safety of both the vessel and its crew in the vast and ever-changing sea environment.

Products and their Applications

Lascar Electronics takes pride in offering a diverse and comprehensive selection of products essential for a wide range of applications. Our precision-engineered and extensively tested products enhance monitoring, control and data collection capabilities, improving maritime safety and operational efficiency.

A trusted brand in providing solutions that are fully attuned to the demands and challenges of marine applications, with a commitment to reliability, accuracy and adaptability. Our products are an essential tool for assuring safe navigation and the protection of marine assets.

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PanelPilot Display Modules

These display modules, which are customizable and multifunctional, are essential for real-time monitoring and management of naval systems and equipment. They are your go-to answer in the unpredictable sea environment for navigation efficiency and operational safety.


Waterproof Data Loggers

These data loggers, which are specially developed for weather resistance, are capable of recording critical environmental factors. They play an essential role in maintaining optimal conditions and protecting the integrity of significant assets, even in the most difficult environments.


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Wireless Data Loggers with EasyLog Cloud

These loggers provide remote monitoring and secure cloud storage, ensuring real-time access to crucial data and allowing for quick and informed decision-making in a variety of hazardous conditions.

Why Choose Lascar Electronics:

Embarking with Lascar Electronics as your marine technology partner signifies a voyage of innovation, steadfast reliability, and unparalleled support. We craft our products with the unique and varied needs of marine applications in mind, ensuring your journey with us is smooth and technologically advanced.

Innovative Solutions: Our products, including PanelPilotACE Display Modules, EasyLog USB and Wireless Data Loggers with EasyLog Cloud, represent the pinnacle of innovation, addressing the diverse and demanding requirements of the marine environment.

Robust and Reliable: We prioritize durability and reliability, ensuring our products withstand the harsh marine conditions, delivering consistent accuracy and seamless control.

Dedicated Support: Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to offering comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring you leverage the maximum potential of our products in your marine applications.

Versatility and Adaptability: Our products are designed to adapt to the varying needs and challenges of marine applications, offering versatility in function and performance, making them suitable for a range of environments and conditions.

With Lascar Electronics, you navigate with assurance. We are unwaveringly committed to providing solutions that are innovative, durable, and versatile, ensuring every venture is a story of success, safety, and efficiency.

Case Study:

Delve into our rich repository of case studies to discover the transformative impact and practical implementation of our products in diverse marine applications. Here, you can explore how our innovative solutions have been pivotal in enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and reliability across the vast and varied marine sector.

PanelPilot M-Series Displays: Ship Propulsion System Meters

The GBS Group Ship

Ship Propulsions System Meters for Marine Applications


The NOAA hydrographic survey vessel Fairweather maps the world’s oceans from her base in Alaska to assist safe passage and commerce. The capacity to precisely manage the ship’s position is critical to her function, but when the propulsion controls needed to be replaced, the original manufacturer could no longer support the equipment. The GBS Group, whose Maritime Division specializes in navigation and propulsion systems, stepped forward. They used Lascar’s SGD 24-M-IP420 waterproof intelligent panel metre to display engine speed and propeller pitch for both main engines and the bow thruster at four different locations around the ship. Lascar was also able to assist with a bespoke configuration to adjust the brightness levels of one of the displays.

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