Medical and Healthcare Equipment

Developing Medical Interfaces Has Never Been Easier

Full color touch screen displays with integrated process control.

Medical and Healthcare Equipment

In the ever-expanding field of Medical and Healthcare Equipment – precision and reliability are extremely important. This industry has various uses, from keeping an eye on patients to making sure equipment works well. It is critical to pay particular attention to details and comply to industry standards because patient safety and the success of medical treatments are dependent on the equipment utilized.

Lascar Electronics is a leader in creating flexible monitoring and display systems and we are committed to meeting the strict demands of the healthcare industry. We designed our product line with the complexities of medical applications in mind, making sure healthcare professionals have the most accurate and trustworthy tools available. Using Lascar Electronics solutions in medical and healthcare settings not only boosts equipment reliability but also greatly improves patient care, makes operations run more smoothly and helps with following the rules, which ultimately raises healthcare standards.

Products and their Applications

Lascar Electronics is in the forefront of supplying a wide range of precision-engineered products for applications in the medical and healthcare sectors. From assuring vaccination efficacy to real-time environmental monitoring, our solutions offer the highest level of precision and dependability.

By embracing Lascar Electronics’ unique solutions, healthcare workers are empowered with accurate and fast data, ensuring optimal conditions, compliance and better patient care. Our goods illustrate our commitment to quality in the medical and healthcare industries.

EL-USB-2_LCD In a vaccine fridge

Vaccine Data Loggers

Our Vaccine Data Loggers are critical for maintaining vaccine potency, monitoring temperature conditions, assuring compliance with severe storage standards and protecting public health.

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Wireless Data Loggers with EasyLog Cloud

These data loggers, which offer remote monitoring and secure cloud storage, provide real-time access to critical data, allowing for rapid and informed decision-making, which is critical for optimizing healthcare operations and patient care.

21CFR Image

21CFR Compliant Data Loggers

Our 21CFR Compliant Data Loggers, which are specifically developed to meet the strict requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are critical in guaranteeing data integrity, security and traceability, making them essential in healthcare and pharmaceutical applications.

Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

Choosing Lascar Electronics as your healthcare technology partner reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation and dependability. Our products are precisely created with the specific needs and challenges of the medical and healthcare sectors in mind.

Precision and Reliability: Our Vaccine Data Loggers and Wireless Data Loggers with EasyLog Cloud are the pinnacle of precision and dependability, providing precise data recording and real-time monitoring.

Compliance and Efficiency: We prioritize compliance with healthcare standards, facilitating operational efficiency and the safeguarding of sensitive medical assets.

Innovative Solutions: Our range of products represents cutting-edge innovation, addressing the diverse and demanding needs of healthcare applications.

Dedicated Support: Our team of experts is committed to providing comprehensive support, guiding you through leveraging the full potential of our products for enhanced healthcare outcomes.

With Lascar Electronics, you are choosing a partner dedicated to innovation, reliability and excellence, ensuring every healthcare operation is optimised for success and patient well-being.

Case Study

Explore our case studies to see how our products and services have had a revolutionary influence and may be used in a variety of medical and healthcare applications. Learn how Lascar Electronics has aided in improving operational efficiency, compliance and patient outcomes across the healthcare sector.

Oxford Optronix Case study pic

PanelPilotACE Display: Oxford Optronix

Covid-19 Oxygen Monitor – 2 Years’ Work in 5 Days

In March 2020 the team at Oxford Optronix were dealt a challenge. The Covid-19 pandemic was hitting the UK and the company had just been asked to join a high-tech consortium to supply cPAP medical devices to the National Health Service.

Desperately needed for Covid patients with breathing difficulties, continuous Positive Airway Pressure (cPAP) devices were in short supply across the NHS. Specifically, an oxygen monitoring device was required to continuously monitor the concentration of oxygen being delivered to the patient and to provide alarms should the oxygen levels deviate from prescribed limits. But how do you design and build a brand-new medical device from scratch in just five days?

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