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The automotive industry is a technological frontier where innovation, efficiency and performance are paramount. Vehicles today are an amalgamation of intricate systems and components, each requiring meticulous monitoring and management to ensure optimal operation and longevity. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing electrification, automation and connectivity, the need for advanced, reliable and versatile monitoring solutions has become more pressing. 

Lascar Electronics, a market leader in data logging and display solutions, knows the diverse needs of the automobile industry. The company provides a suite of solutions that are essential for evaluating, managing and improving numerous automotive applications. These technologies offer real-time insights, make preventive maintenance easier and help the sector pursue innovation and excellence. Specialists can optimize vehicle performance by incorporating Lascar’s solutions. 

A Diverse Catalog of Proficient Solutions

The ability to adapt and a commitment to precision are essential in the automotive industry. Lascar Electronics provides a variety of solutions that are developed to satisfy the industry’s dynamic needs, providing real-time monitoring and optimal performance.

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PanelPilot Displays

Lascar’s PanelPilot Displays are customizable, providing real-time visualizations of critical automotive parameters. These versatile displays are invaluable for operators and technicians, enabling the effective monitoring and adjustment of system conditions and significantly contributing to optimized vehicle performance and safety.


USB Data Loggers

The USB Data Loggers from Lascar are compact and versatile, designed for efficiently monitoring a variety of environmental conditions within automotive applications. They provide essential data that is pivotal for predictive maintenance and ensuring optimal operating conditions, with the ease of USB connectivity for data retrieval.

EL-P-TP Basic type 2 thermistor probe

Temperature Probes

Lascar’s accurate Temperature Probes are crucial for monitoring diverse temperature conditions within automotive settings. They facilitate real-time temperature readings, ensuring the reliability and stability of vehicle components and environments and contributing to vehicle safety and performance.

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By leveraging Lascar Electronics’ innovative and specialized solutions, professionals in the automotive industry can ensure enhanced safety, real-time monitoring, and optimal performance, thereby navigating the technological advancements with confidence.

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Why Choose Lascar Electronics?

In the competitive automotive field, choosing a dependable partner is crucial. Lascar Electronics stands out by offering products that blend innovation, accuracy and user-friendliness, accompanied by unwavering support, enabling automotive professionals to focus on advancements while we handle the monitoring intricacies.

Precision and Reliability: Precision and dependability are at the heart of Lascar Electronics, guaranteeing that our solutions offer consistent and accurate data, which is critical for the diverse needs of automotive applications.

Innovative Solutions: Lascar Electronics is a hub of innovation, providing a diverse range of products and solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of the automotive sector.

User-Centric Design: Lascar’s solutions, which are designed with the user in mind, seamlessly integrate into numerous automotive applications, allowing for streamlined monitoring and control.

Dedicated Support: Our dedication extends beyond product delivery. Lascar Electronics provides unwavering support to meet any problems and ensure seamless operations in the automobile industry.

Opting for Lascar Electronics means choosing a path of quality, innovation and synergy, where our technology fuels advancements and efficiencies in automotive applications.

Case Studies

Dive into our extensive case studies that showcase the impact of Lascar Electronics in the automotive industry. They offer real-world applications highlighting how our pioneering products have enhanced vehicle systems, improved user experiences and driven advancements in automotive technology.


PanelPilotACE Displays: Custom Automotive Instrumentation

Specialist Instruments Ltd

In response to government incentives promoting renewable energy in agriculture, Specialist Instruments Ltd needed to develop an onboard instrument for muck spreading tractors. This device measures the quantity of fertilizer spread per square meter, ensuring efficient distribution and environmental sustainability. It also provides data to monitor and record the process.

Founder Glynne Rees discovered Lascar’s customizable PanelPilotACE display, a user-friendly solution for their needs. With drag-and-drop design software, Rees quickly integrated the display into their cab control panel, saving time and simplifying the programming process. He sees potential for this versatile display in various applications due to its capacitive touchscreen, analogue and digital inputs, and rapid programming capabilities.

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