EasyLog | EL-SGD 70-ATP

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Panel Mountable Four-Channel Temp Data Logger

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EL-SGD 70-ATP US$636.49 ex. tax

The EL-SGD 70-ATP is a panel-mountable, four-channel temperature data logger based on Lascar’s PanelPilotACE platform. The product includes a 7” panel-mounted display module with capacitive touch screen, a four-channel thermistor temperature board and x4 compatible temperature probes. The user interface comprises an advanced logging application which shows real-time readings for all four temperature channels, live trend graphs and access to a suite of real-time data analysis information.  The logger can store up to 100,000 readings per channel at sample rates from 5 seconds  to 12 hours.

Supplied probe measurement range -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F)
Internal Resolution 0.01°C (0.01°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±1.0°C (±1.8°F)
Number of Readings (per channel) 100,000
Logging Rate 5 seconds to 12 hours
Number of Channels up to 4
Outside Dimensions 186 mm (7.3”) x 122 mm (4.3”) x 21 mm (0.8”)
Communications Protocols USB

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The EL-SGD 70-ATP temperature data logger is suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include:

For application stories, visit our case studies section.


Revolutionizing HVAC with intuitive touch screens and precise monitoring for optimal climate control and comfort.


Incorporating high-tech data loggers in automotive systems to elevate diagnostic capabilities and optimize performance/reliability.




Scientific Equipment

Integrating advanced data loggers in scientific equipment for maximum data integrity and precision, aiding groundbreaking research.

Process Control and Automation

Data loggers for real-time monitoring in process control, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced efficiency.

PLC, HMI and Data Acquisition

Enhancing PLC & HMI with advanced touchscreens for intuitive, streamlined control and data acquisition.


Our precision-engineered solutions are designed to provide advanced monitoring, navigation and comprehensive environmental data gathering.

How do I check my alarm levels and logging rate on my EL-SGD 43/70-ATP?

On the info screen if you press and hold the high or low logged value box it will be replaced with the high or low alarm values (assuming they have been set). If you press and hold the number of logs box it will show the logging rate.

If I perform a factory reset or power off my EL-SGD 43/70-ATP will I lose my logs?

No the only way your logs will be lost is if you select to delete them after downloading them. Otherwise they will just be backed up in a date/time stamped file.

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