USB: Breeding Praying Mantis

Using the EL-SIE-2 to monitor conditions inside ootheca incubators

el-sie-2 monitoring in front of Tupperware

Breeding and selling captive-bred mantises is more than just a hobby for online mantis shop owner, Kelly Coleby. Since establishing the Cheeky Mantis in 2018, Kelly has been encouraging

people to discover the wonders of mantis keeping through advice on her website and by consistently updating her social media pages.

From their base in Basildon, Essex, the Cheeky Mantis offer a range of interesting and unique mantis species such as the Giant Asian Mantis and Cryptic Mantises, both originally from Africa, and the Black Spot Mantis found in the Caribbean.

Being from such exotic climes, these mantis species are at their happiest in temperatures between 20 and 30°C.

Various Praying Mantis habitat

The Challenge

Breeding any type of praying mantis species can be a task in itself – this is a shared concern within the world of mantis hobbyists.

The Cheeky Mantis face constant battles in keeping such exotic creatures, especially when it comes to optimizing consistent temperature and humidity levels inside their enclosures. Peak enclosure conditions keep the mantis happy and helps them thrive but, ultimately, they ensure they remain alive.

As part of the breeding process, the Cheeky Mantis will take the ootheca – that’s the nest the eggs are laid in – and place them in an incubator where temperatures and humidity can be closely observed. Monitoring these conditions is vitally important.

Temperature and humidity levels have to be within a certain range to hatch ootheca. If the ootheca are too cold or not kept humid enough, they won’t hatch.

A temperature and humidity monitoring solution that has the ability to warn of any critical changes inside the incubator, but one that also wouldn’t need constant manual checks, was required.

Praying Mantis Birthing Containers Measuring

The Solution

After years of using ordinary thermometers and humidity readers to help monitor the conditions inside the ootheca incubators, an EL-SIE-2 temperature and humidity data logger was installed.

Capable of accurately monitoring conditions, recording and storing data, and alerting users to changes in the ootheca’s environment via its onboard light indicators and sounder alarm, the newly-installed data logger was used to ensure constant optimal conditions.

Praying Mantis habitat

The EL-SIE-2 has helped me keep track of temperature and humidity levels in my incubator, and where I need to adjust temperature and humidity to get levels spot…

…I found the EL-SIE-2 to be very easy to use and read on the device and easy to navigate the website to see the readings.

With the EL-SIE-2 installed, the Cheeky Mantis no longer had to worry about temperature and humidity fluctuations affecting the wellbeing of their praying mantis.

Praying Mantis

With precise monitoring, I can make sure my incubated ootheca are kept at the correct humidity and temperature needed for successful hatching, which is pretty important for a mantis breeder.

Kelly Coleby, the Cheeky Mantis.