WiFi: Seamless Warehouse Monitoring

Reinventing Logistics with WiFi

Seamless Warehouse Monitoring with WiFi Data LoggersLOGISTEED Hong Kong has more than three decades of experience in delivering services for project cargo, inland transport, warehousing operations, and marine and air freight.

Through their extensive global branches and networks, they possess the knowledge, expertise and connections to tackle any logistic challenge, with a particular focus on 3PL services. Serving both the Japanese and international markets, LOGISTEED’s supply chain spans vast geographical locations. LOGISTEED concentrates on delivering clever and effective logistics solutions that bring its clients real advantages.

Using the wireless EL-MOTE-T, data is easily transferred to the EasyLog Cloud service using the local WiFi network. By using one EasyLog account users can access and manage their data from all their devices all in one place, offering an incredible vantage point for overseeing and controlling the whole environment.

The EasyLog Cloud offers a wide range of tools that provide a comprehensive perspective for controlling and monitoring logistics settings, such as data analysis, graphical reports, alarms, and notifications.

WiFi Data Loggers monitoring Warhouses

To ensure seamless remote monitoring of their operational environments, LOGISTEED have installed ten of EasyLog’s EL-MOTE-T remote temperature monitoring devices. With these devices, the workforce at LOGISTEED instantly receives insights into important metrics including current, minimum and maximum temperatures, alerts and notifications. All these devices are connected to a single EasyLog Cloud account, streamlining the monitoring process. This empowers users to set their own customized alarms, enabling them to react quickly to changing conditions and reducing the risk of lost stock.

LOGISTEED Hong Kong has not only optimized logistics but also sees the sector moving towards a more effective and environmentally responsible future.