WiFi: Hong Kong Palace Museum

Monitor temperature, humidity and air quality levels for the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Monitor temperature humidity and air quality levels for the Hong Kong Palace Museum

With its impending grand opening, the Hong Kong Palace Museum needed a comprehensive data logging system to continually monitor its vast 30,000-square-foot museum. With over 900 works of art due to be displayed in various exhibitions, a range of temperature and humidity monitors were needed.

Monitoring the temperature and humidity is essential for the long-term preservation of historical artefacts and other sensitive items in the museum. Unstable levels of relative humidity can cause hygroscopic materials to swell in high humidity and contract in low humidity, which can be catastrophic to these old artefacts.

people admiring a statue

The swelling and contraction of the materials causes stress on the connecting fibres, weakening them over time and causing embrittlement. To prevent damage, conditions should be closely monitored.

Staff can also monitor the environment for their visitors with air quality monitors. Air quality monitors allow them to determine if conditions are suitable for visitors. Asthma, irritated eyes, nose and throat, coughing and a range of other health issues can be caused by pollutants found within indoor environments.

Historical artifacts in glass case

Pollutants known as VOCs can come from paints, lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning products, furnishings, glues and alcohols which add to an already extensive list of VOCs found indoors.

Lascar provided 250 wireless devices including:

EL-WIFI-TH+ High-accuracy WiFi temperature & humidity data logger
EL-WIFI-TH WiFi temperature and humidity data logger
EL-MOTE-TH WiFi temperature and humidity data logger
EL-USB-2-LCD Temperature and relative humidity USB data logger with display
EL-WEM Air quality monitor

data loggers

All of which are connected to one Cloud account.

The EasyLog Cloud allows museum staff to easily view all device statuses in one place. Here they can identify if any devices are in an alert and can instantly make changes to the conditions before it’s too late.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum are now able to monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality around the clock, as well as reduce staff resource spent taking readings.