WiFi and MOTE: Improving Temperature Checks for Mount Vets

Mount Vets in Somerset

Improving Temperature Checks with EasyLog Cloud

Mount Vets is a veterinary practice based in Wellington, Somerset, with additional branches in Wiveliscombe and Honiton. Established for over 60 years, they operate a small animal hospital and farm practice, and have equine, poultry and game bird departments, providing a range of veterinary treatments to an extensive variety of species.

Data logger in vaccine fridge
EL-WiFi-TP logger monitoring fridge temperature (Top Right)

Mount Vets was looking for a way to improve its procedures for temperature checks. They had used Lascar’s EL-USB-1 before, but were now looking for a more automated solution which offered better tracking, data collection and notifications. This would help with meeting the requirements of their Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) inspection, which happens every four years.

Devices were required to monitor drug cupboards, fridges containing temperature-sensitive drugs and vaccines, and room temperatures in their surgeries and hospital. They opted to use Lascar’s EL-WiFi-TP loggers for their fridges, which have a thermistor probe which can be placed inside the fridge, and Lascar’s EL-MOTE series for monitoring their room temperatures, with a total of 38 data loggers being used.

All of these loggers could utilize their existing WiFi network to send their data to an EasyLog Cloud account. This meant all their critical temperatures, at all of their locations, could be monitored conveniently from one online control panel, and critical temperature alerts could be received via e-mail.

EL-MOTE data logger monitoring fridge temperature
EL-MOTE-T logger monitoring room temperature (Top Left)


Beverley Snow from Mount Vets found the system to be time-saving and hassle free, and the EasyLog Cloud interface easy to use. Temperature checks used to take staff 30 minutes, but they can now rely on alerts from the system, and react to alarms rather than worrying constantly.

The system has also shown that temperatures rise higher than they thought, with alarms from rooms going off more frequently than expected. With all their data saved to the EasyLog Cloud, she also knows they will be able to meet the requirements of RCVS inspections more easily.