WiFi: 900 COVID Vaccines Saved

WiFi data loggers save 900 COVID vaccines from going to waste

Safe vaccine storage is essential if you want to maintain sample quality from the time of manufacture to the point of administration. To achieve this, vaccines must be transported, handled and stored within an appropriate temperature range of 2°C – 8°C.

Once temperatures exceed these limits, the vaccines lose their potency and must be destroyed. Due to the potential wastage caused by faulty vaccines, it is recommended that temperatures around vaccines are therefore monitored 24/7.

Vaccine storage, COVID Vaccines

Thankfully, the Portchester Practice was prepared for the potential changing temperatures and had installed an EL-WiFi-TPX+ in their vaccine fridge to protect their vaccines from damaging temperatures.

Most people are aware that the COVID vaccines must be stored at practice level, between 2 – 8°C. We have set the alarm on our WiFi device to operate should the temperature fall below 3 and go above 6.5°C. This gives the duty manager time to get to the fridge location even out of hours and take appropriate action.

Doug Kershaw – Practice Manager, the Portchester Practice

Thanks to their proactivity, our EasyLog WiFi data loggers were ready and saved 900 COVID vaccinations from going to waste after an alert was activated when temperatures dropped below the practice’s pre-set limits.

Data logger monitoring in fridge with vaccines

A key had got stuck in the vaccine fridge door, stopping the fridge from shutting, allowing temperatures inside to quickly rise to 6.5°C at which point an alarm was triggered, sending a text and email alert to the Duty Manager. Upon receiving the text alert from the EL-WiFi-TPX+ device, the Duty Manager was able to rectify the problem before it was too late.

As well as alerting us to the problem, the data logger gave us confidence that the contents of the fridge had not, at any time, gone over the maximum storage temperature. Without this system, just over 900 COVID vaccines would have had to be destroyed.

Users of the EL-WiFi-TPX+, our other vaccine products and data loggers can configure their devices to suit the application. Using the EasyLog Cloud, users can quickly and easily set their device up, setting high and low alarms, a sounder, and even setting up email and text alerts.

EL-WIFI-TPX+_above fridge_with phone

The EasyLog Cloud comes with plenty of benefits, including the ability to monitor and manage multiple data logging devices in different locations remotely. Review and analyze your data with powerful graphing functionality, keep track of events and activity within the Cloud’s detailed system and device audit trail, and you can even integrate Cloud sensor data with your applications with EasyLog’s powerful API.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

For more information on our vaccine storage monitors, check out our products, or speak to one of our sales team to find the product that’s best for you.