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EL-WiFi Sensors: Top of the Class

For over 20 years Airway Air Conditioning has prided themselves for providing customers with a first class service with the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration.

When a new customer, a local school which had recently moved premises, approached them asking for advice they realized a full site survey was required but that their usual means of data collection may not work in this instance.

Children's classroom

Site surveys had previously been conducted by engineers using portable testing apparatus but this method of data collection was going to be tricky as it would involve interrupting lessons and distracting students. This was also costly in terms of labor and time. Luke Harris, Service Manager, was tasked with finding a solution.

We needed to monitor the classrooms 24/7 without disturbing the classrooms during school hours. Nowhere on site currently has mechanical cooling so we needed to record data in all twelve classrooms as well as outside for an ambient reading. This would have taken up a considerable amount of an engineer’s time.


I didn’t know quite what I was looking for but once I’d found the range of EL-WiFi sensors I knew I’d solved the problem. The EL-WiFi-TH+ was discreet and exactly what we were after. Accurately monitoring temperature and humidity remotely.

Luke uses a daily spreadsheet created in the free software to analyze data. “This data, along with the graphs will be sent to the customer to clearly illustrate our findings.