WiFi: Cold Chain Monitoring

Delivery Monitoring

Temperature Sensors at Iceotemp Ltd

Iceotemp Ltd provides a dedicated, temperature-controlled, time-critical distribution and delivery service on a 24/7 basis, across the UK and Northern Europe.

Operating 16 temperature-controlled vans from its bases in Bristol and Somerset, UK, Iceotemp Ltd provides a logistical solution for scheduled and same day deliveries of items ranging from supermarket produce, to laboratory specimens.

Delivery Van

The challenge

Logging regular and detailed temperature updates is vital to maintaining the quality of service that Iceotemp provides. The refrigerated vans must be kept at a constant temperature to avoid the risk of compromising the contents inside.

Previously, Iceotemp monitored all of its data using basic temperature monitoring equipment. This was often time consuming, relatively expensive and did not alert staff to drops or rises in temperature, meaning staff often found out hours later that the vans were not at the correct temperature – by which time the contents had already been damaged. As a result, IceoTemp, began looking into alternative solutions to simplify the data logging process.

Cost was of course an important factor, but Iceotemp Ltd were more concerned with ensuring the quality of the product met the requirements of their company.


The solution

Iceotemp discovered the EL-WiFi temperature sensors through a simple Internet search. An important buying factor for the company when searching for a solution was that the new temperature sensors were able to store data to the EL-WiFi Cloud, providing Iceotemp with the opportunity to access their data anytime from anywhere.

Iceotemp invested in four EL-WiFi-TP temperature sensors with probes, which were then deployed in specific areas throughout the studios. This particular sensor focuses on measuring temperatures between the range of -40°C (-40°F) and +125°C (257°F).

The company was drawn to the sensors due to their competitive pricing and being able to manage them remotely via the EL-WiFi Cloud.

food warehouse


Iceotemp uses several EL-WiFi sensors across its sites, with the data being checked and logged daily. Each sensor communicates via an existing WiFi connection, updating the data automatically to the Cloud periodically, providing maximum simplicity to the data gathering process.

The flexible EL-WiFi Cloud platform then makes this data accessible from any Internet enabled device. Iceotemp is able to access data remotely and receive alerts via email, with the EL-WiFi Cloud system giving multiple users personal accounts to access data.

The solution is flexible and scalable, depending on the peaks and troughs of the business. It is also easily implemented, with minimal disturbance to the company – a common issue when installing alternative, legacy systems, which rely on the roll out of cabling.

EL-WiFi wireless monitoring – Powered by Easylog Cloud offer round the clock monitoring, providing Iceotemp freedom and removing the need for a dedicated IT team to check the data at specific time intervals.


Using the EasyLog Cloud wireless data collection and monitoring solution allowed the company to monitor and log their data quickly and accurately, as well as providing them with a long-term, cost-effective solution. Iceotemp is now planning to roll out even more EL-WiFi solutions across the company.

The system works well, giving us a longterm, cost effective solution. We are able to view the statistics of the temperature in the refrigerated vans easily. The solution saves time, giving the team an immediate check of all vans and data.

Paul Gould, Director at Iceotemp Ltd