WiFi: Ensuring Food Quality for Local Initiative

Food Safety Monitoring Using Wireless EasyLog Data Loggers

When members of the Home Cinema Club (HCC) have their feet up watching a movie and tucking into some home-cooked food delivered to their door, they probably don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes to ensure their hot and cold food is safe to consume.

The regal cinemaThe Regal Cinema in Fordingbridge and The Royal Oak pub in North Gowley got together to give members a home experience with movies streamed to their homes and the pub cooking and delivering to their doorstep.

So how does Lascar play a vital role in this service? The refrigerators and freezers in the pub’s kitchen house Lascar’s data loggers which frequently monitor the temperature and because these operate through the WiFi network the temperature can easily be checked remotely from a mobile phone.

If there was a disaster, such as a power cut or fault (which did happen in the past), the loggers will send an email alert. The food would be saved meaning the business does not lose on the cost of replacing it and the members of the HCC would not go without!

Inside Regal Cinema

Of course, it is also important that food is kept at the right temperatures en route from the pub to the members’ homes. Our low-cost cold chain loggers are placed in the containers which have LED alarms to warn the driver if the temperature exceeds the thresholds.

Outside the Royal Oak

A custom low and high alarm was created for this purpose ensuring that the food is still hot when it arrives at its destination. Both solutions ensure regulations of the HACCP are met giving everyone peace of mind and satisfied customers!