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Contact monitor for connecting to volt-free contacts

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Wireless_Alert CM Straight no light
Wireless Alert CM US$37.49 ex. tax

The Wireless Alert CM monitors whether a volt-free contact, such as a relay or volt-free switch, is open or closed. It then automatically sends notification emails to a user-selected email address. The device body can be secured in position using an adhesive pad (supplied) and is provided with a 1.5m cable with bare ends, ready to connect to your equipment or switch.

Users can also configure delays (between 1 minute and 12 hours), whereby the contact must remain opened or closed for a certain period of time before an alert is sent. In addition to this, the device can send a scheduled summary email detailing a number of alert events, percentage of contact open and closed time, and current battery level.

Device Operating Temperature
-18 to +54°C
0 to +129°F
Alert Notification States
Contacts Open and/or Closed
Alert Delay Range 1 minute to 12 hours (user-selectable)
Environmental Conditions
Indoor use only – IP5X
Product Dimensions
69 x 32 x 22mm
2.7 x 1.3 x 0.9inches
Cable length
Battery Type
2 x 1.5V Alkaline LR03/UM4/AAA
Battery Life
2 years

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