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Wireless Alert PRO T+ High-Accuracy Ambient Temperature Limit Alert Sensor

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Wireless Alert PRO T
WA-PRO-T+ US$64.99 ex. tax

The Wireless Alert PRO T+ is a high-accuracy ambient temperature limit alert sensor designed to alert users when the user’s set temperature limits are reached.

Set your own high and low-temperature limits between a -20 to +60°C temperature range. The device will trigger a notification pushed directly to your smartphone, or an email can be sent straight to the user-selected address if these temperature limits are breached.

Power this device via its USB-C socket and set it up using the free FilesThruTheAir app.  Configuration options include connection to a WiFi network, temperature limit selection and notification options. You can also set up scheduled email summary reports to include minimum, maximum and average temperature, power status, number of alerts and total time spent in an alert. A quick look at the FilesThruTheAir app dashboard will show the alert status and last reported readings of any device connected to your account.

Measurement Range
-20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
Measurement Resolution
Measurement Accuracy
±0.15˚C (typical)
±0.21˚C (maximum)
Device Operating Temperature
-20 to +60°C
Alert Levels
User configurable, within the measurement range stated above
Response Time
1 minute
Power Supply USB-C 5V 1.0A
Product Dimensions
L 61 x W 29 x D 13 mm
Probe Length
Probe extends 13.5mm beyond device body

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Calibration testing carried out on our products provides assurance of the ongoing accuracy of your EasyLog data logger. This is relevant for all users, but is especially important for medical, food and scientific applications, and where audit compliance needs to be demonstrated. We provide a number of standard calibration options suitable for common applications such as monitoring refrigerator, chilled goods and freezers, but can also provide customized calibration at whatever measurement points you need. Please contact our sales team for details.

Calibration options available for the Wireless Alert PRO T+:

Museums and Exhibitions

Utilizing advanced temperature data loggers to safeguard valuable artifacts, ensuring precise climate control for preservation and longevity.




Facilities Management

Providing adaptability, precision and user-friendly experiences. While also addressing specialized needs in a range of different industries.



Food Temperature Monitoring

Data logging for comprehensive monitoring, crucial in upholding food safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

Housing and Business Premises

Innovative data logger solutions, designed to make environmental monitoring, easier and more efficient.

Outside Environmental Data

Data logging offers detailed, user-friendly outside environment monitoring for informed environmental management and research.

Veterinary and Animal Welfare

Incorporating state-of-the-art data loggers, to ensure optimal care, monitoring of health and environmental conditions.

Agriculture and Horticulture

Cutting-edge data loggers are key, providing precise monitoring of environmental conditions to promote optimal plant growth and health.

How long will the battery last in my data logger?

The battery life depends on the logger you have and the setting, on the data sheet for your product you can see the battery life shown in the specifications table.

Why aren’t my batteries working?

If left unused for extended periods of time lithium metal batteries, including those used in the EasyLog range of data loggers, naturally form a non-conductive internal layer – a Passivation layer – preventing them from self-discharge and effectively increasing their shelf life. When first installed in the data logger, this may cause a momentary drop in the battery voltage (the Transient Minimum Voltage) as the internal layer is broken down, resulting in the data logger resetting. Inserting the batteries in the data logger and leaving it connected to a PC for about 30 seconds will remove this layer. After this, remove and re-install the batteries to reset the data logger. Overall battery life will not be affected.

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