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Temperature monitor with email alerts

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Wireless Alert T Straight no light
Wireless Alert T US$34.99 ex. tax

The Wireless Alert T can be set up to monitor temperature limits in a variety of applications.

High and low-temperature limits are user-configurable between -18 and 54 °C (0 and 129 °F). The device will trigger a notification email, sent to a user-selected address if the temperature limits are breached and when the temperature returns to normal.

In addition to this, the device can send a scheduled summary email detailing minimum, maximum and average temperature, as well as battery level, number of alerts, and total time spent in an alert.

Measurement Range
-18 to +54°C, 0 to +129°F
Measurement Resolution
1°C, 2°F
Measurement Accuracy ±1°C, ±2°F
Device Operating Temperature
-18 to +54°C, 0 to +129°F
Response time
< 1 minute
Environmental Conditions
Device: indoor use only (IP5X)
Product Dimensions
69 x 32 x 22mm,  2.7 x 1.3 x 0.9 inches
Battery Type 2 1.5V Alkaline LR03/UM4/AAA
Battery Life
2 years

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