EasyLog | S43-TP

US$69.49 ex. tax

Four-channel thermistor add-on board

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S43-TP US$69.49 ex. tax

The S43-TP is an accessory to the PanelPilotACE range of compatible displays and panel meters and is compatible with the 4.3” PanelPilotACE display module SGD 43-A. The S43-TP mounts on the rear of the SGD 43-A and provides up to four thermistor inputs which can then be utilized within the free PanelPilotACE Design Studio software to measure, display, log and graph temperature readings.  Each S43-TP is supplied with a 1m thermistor probe fitted with a 3.5mm socket and featuring a potted metal sheath (Lascar part number: EL-PROBE2-1.0M-TP)

For a ready-to-go data logging kit, purchase the EL-SGD 43-ATP including a 4.3” panel-mounted display module with capacitive touch screen, a four-channel thermistor temperature board, x4 compatible temperature probes and pre-loaded with an advanced logging application.

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The PanelPilotACE University has a multitude of resources to make your programming experience as quick and efficient as possible.  From How-To Guides and Frequently Asked Questions to an ever-growing number of pre-configured ACE Templates and an Icon and Graphic Library, visit the University and make your PanelPilotACE project even quicker.

Supplied probe measurement range -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
Internal resolution 0.01°C (0.01°F)
Temperature accuracy ±1.0°C (±2.0°F)
Number of channels Up to 4

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