PanelPilot | CTL-SW-LC

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Latching, Touchless, Normally Closed, Infrared Proximity Switch

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CTL-SW-LC US$29.99 ex. tax

The CTL-SW-LC is a latching, touchless, normally closed, infrared proximity switch, designed to be easily activated without the need for physical contact. The device runs on 12VDC drawing a minimal 15mA current when in standby mode where it will display a red LED and 25mA when active where it will display a green LED.

Also in the range:
CLT-SW-MO – Normally open
CTL-SW-MC – Normally closed
CTL-SW-LO – Normally open

Sensor type
Panel cut-out diameter
Detection range
Required electrical supply
9.6V to 24V
Operating Current
15mA (Standby)
25mA (Active)
Relay contact rating
1A 125VAC / 2A 30VDC
Contact resistance
100 mOhm
LED Color
Red (Standby)
Green (Active)
Ingress (IP) rating
Impact (IK) rating
Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
Minimum number of operations
Body material
Aluminum alloy
Lens material
Length of wires provided

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What is the maximum switching capacity?

1A 125VAC or 2A 30VDC resistive load.

Are there other LED color options available?

Please contact our sales teams for other LED color options.

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