USB vs Wi-Fi Data Loggers


USB Data Loggers

USB data loggers are electronic devices that monitor and store data, which can be quickly accessed by connecting to a computer. A USB data logger is known for its simple setup – just plug them in to retrieve readings. USB data loggers appeal to many customers because of their simplicity and affordability. Lascar provides pre-configured versions, which make installation even easier. USB data loggers are ideal for basic data logging tasks, providing a dependable and cost-effective method for monitoring and storing data.

Wi-Fi Data Loggers

Wi-Fi data loggers are flexible devices that wirelessly send information, reducing the need for manual retrieval. With limitless cloud storage, you can access your data from anywhere in the world, including a device on the opposite side of the world. Wi-Fi data loggers enable early detection of possible problems, through their real-time email and SMS alerts, potentially saving you the cost of lost stock. Wi-Fi loggers offer automated notifications and real-time monitoring, keeping you constantly informed of any changes. With these extensive features, Wi-Fi data loggers are perfect for continuous, long-term monitoring tasks, or for those applications where excursions in temperature or other environmental factors cause expensive losses.


Key FeaturesUSB Data LoggersWi-Fi Data Loggers
Automated Data Uploads No Yes
Alert Notifications Limited to manual checking Instant alerts via Email/SMS
Real-Time Data Transmission No Yes
Remote Data Access Not available Available
Cloud Storage No Yes
Unlimited Data No Yes, on the EasyLog Cloud 




When it comes to recording and accessing data, the EL-USB and EL-Wi-Fi have some interesting differences. With the EL-USB, you have to take the device out of service and plug it into a PC to access the data. Plus, alerts only come through the onboard lights and sounder (EL-SIE only), meaning you’ve got to be nearby to notice them. There’s also a limit of 32,000 readings stored on most devices.


In contrast, with an EL-Wi-Fi device, you can check your data in real-time through an app or online. Alerts are sent to you via SMS or email, and there are onboard warnings on the data logger too. The cherry on top is limitless data storage on the EasyLog Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about losing important information over time


Lascar Electronics offer a wide range of EasyLog Cloud compatible data loggers to measure Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Air Quality and more; here are a few of our most popular devices.

  • Temperature & Humidity

    US$184.49 ex. tax
    • Temperature & RH Logger
    • -20 to +60°C / 0 to 100%RH
    • Large format LCD display
    • Connects to EasyLog Cloud via Wi-Fi
    • Programmable alarm thresholds
    • Email and SMS notifications
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  • Temperature Data Loggers

    US$285.99 ex. tax
    • High-Accuracy Temperature Data Logger
    • -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F)
    • Configurable Alarm Levels
    • Digital Calibratable Probe
    • Wirelessly Stream and View Data
    • Free PC Software
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  • Temperature Data Loggers

    US$126.49 ex. tax
    • WiFi Temperature Data Logger
    • -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
    • EasyLog Cloud Connectivity
    • Easy Sensor Setup
    • Free PC Software
    • High and Low Alarms
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Lascar has sold over 1 million data loggers worldwide. The list of reasons that make EasyLog the stand-out choice for data logging is extensive, here are just a few of the features that set EasyLog apart in the data logging market.

User friendly icon

EasyLog data loggers have user-friendly interfaces and a straightforward setup processes. Ideal for anyone, regardless of technical expertise.

High Accuracy

High-accuracy sensors deliver precise and reliable measurements. You can be confident that your measurements are reliable and accurate, allowing you to make informed decisions based on trustworthy data.

Cloud icon

Large memory capacity means ample storage for large data sets. Eliminate concerns about running out of space during long-term monitoring projects.

battery icon

A long-lasting battery allows for extended monitoring periods without interruption, ensuring your data efforts continue uninterrupted.

Durability Icon

With a durable design built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, these products are suitable for a wide range of applications, even in the most challenging settings.

The EasyLog Cloud platform provides a secure solution for storing and accessing your data remotely. It employs advanced encryption protocols and secure data transmission methods to ensure your information is protected.

Choosing the right data logger is dependent on your specific requirements. If you value cost, convenience of use, and secure data transfer, a USB data logger may be the best option. However, if remote access, real-time monitoring, and controlling many loggers from different locations are critical, a Wi-Fi data logger is the superior choice.

Imagine being able to monitor equipment performance in your manufacturing facility from your office computer or receiving instant warnings when humidity levels in your server room exceed acceptable limits – all without physically collecting the data logger. Wi-Fi data loggers offer unparalleled simplicity and a more comprehensive view of your monitoring environment, making them an excellent choice for applications requiring ongoing vigilance and remote access.

Consider your budget, desired level of data accessibility, and the scale of your monitoring project to make an informed decision.

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