PanelPilot | S70-CAN

US$51.99 ex. tax

CAN bus Add-on Board for SGD 70-A

Stock available in 8 weeks

S70-CAN US$51.99 ex. tax

The S70-CAN is an add-on board allowing CAN bus communication for the SGD 70-A. The S70-CAN mounts on the rear of the SGD 70-A and provides a 3-wire CAN bus interface. It can be connected to via the CAN Hi, CAN Lo and GND pins.

Channels 1
Max Bit Rate 1 Mbps
Operating Voltage 5V from PanelPilotACE display
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Supported Protocols J1939

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Which protocols relted to CAN bus does the S70-CAN board support?

The J1939 protocol.

How many CAN channels does the S70-CAN CAN bus board provide?

One channel.

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