New Wireless Alert PRO Range

New Wireless Alert PRO Range

Lascar is pleased to announce the launch of real-time remote monitoring products with new probe measurement parameters: introducing the Wireless Alert PRO range.

These devices provide an instant indication of a breach of user-set temperature and humidity limits, helping you stay informed of your monitored environment. Ideal in a wide range of settings and applications, these devices can be put into high-temperature processes, low-temperature storage temperature and humidity storage environments, or just used for your safety and comfort.

Set up and configure your device in minutes in the free FilesThruTheAir app (Android, Apple), simply pick the WiFi network and your parameter limits, and change your notification options including the scheduling of summary reports which detail minimum, maximum and average temperature and humidity limits, as well as battery levels the number of notifications set and the total time spent in an alert.

These low-cost sensors are simple to use, once the pre-set temperature or humidity limit is reached an alert will be sent straight to the user’s email or direct to your phone, instantly alerting you to the change.

You can also set your device up to send you a scheduled summary report.

Key features include:

  • Scheduled summary reports by email
  • 24-hour sensor data trend-lines
  • Free app with no ongoing fees
  • In-app sensor status dashboard
  • Low-cost real-time monitoring

View the range of Wireless Alert PRO’s as well as the full list of specifications and datasheets here. For more information or if you have any other questions, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.