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New Features On The EasyLog Cloud

Check out the new features on the EasyLog Cloud!

Live Maps

Live maps are now available on the EasyLog Cloud – this new feature clearly shows the live alarm status of the area you are monitoring. Maps allow you to create a visual representation of building floor plans, storage areas or even the inside of individual fridges and freezers.

Upload your own background images, define the areas you’re monitoring and drag and drop your data loggers into place, once activated your map will come to life with live color coding showing the alarm status of every area you have defined.

Only taking a few minutes to set up, this new feature provides users with an intuitive display of any critical areas that need attention.

Only available for professional accounts, starter accounts can upgrade to a professional in their accounts setting page in their EasyLog Cloud account.

SMS Messaging

Also new to the EasyLog Cloud is SMS messaging. Receive instant text messages to alert you when conditions breach your parameter threshold.

Simply add your phone number to your account settings and opt-in to receive SMS notifications from your devices.