7" Display

Lascar Launches New 7″ No Code Display

Lascar Electronics has announced major updates to both the hardware and software of its PanelPilotACE display platform. The upgraded PanelPilotACE Design Studio software brings the functionality of its EasyLog data loggers to PanelPilotACE displays for the first time. Along with the updated software Lascar has also expanded the hardware options available to engineers with the introduction of a larger, 7” panel display that is capable of supporting a wide range of new applications.

7" Display

The addition of data logging capabilities in PanelPilotACE Design Studio allows users to not only display data, but also record, store and analyze it on the device itself. Compatible with all PanelPilotACE devices, the new software release supports high-resolution analog and digital logging together with fully customizable on-screen graphing so users can analyze data and view trends graphs without the need to take the device to a computer and download information.

PanelPilotACE Design Studio is a fully flexible solution that allows monitoring of up to four 16-bit analog inputs at any time with each data set holding well over 1 million individual readings. Sample rates from 5 seconds up are supported. The channels can be used concurrently so users can design logging functions to meet their exact requirements. A free Windows application is available to download logged information to a PC using the USB port on the device for further analysis if required.

The new 7” PanelPilotACE capacitive touch screen offers over two and a half times more screen area than the 4.3” model, delivering five times more pixels for designers to create their customized display application. A dual-core ARM Cortex processor gives 10 times more processing power, delivering lightning-fast performance for display applications and the scope to create more intensive applications with multiple features running at once. The upgraded chipset is capable of running video content and now includes support for CMOS camera inputs.

7" Display

Also supported on the 7” PanelPilotACE is the Design Studio’s Maths Builder’, a powerful tool for performing calculations on values held within any project. A full range of mathematical operators are available to users: from simple addition and multiplication, through to exponential and trigonometric functions. These functions can be applied to most properties and variables within an application such as calculating power from two analog inputs or adjusting the value of a variable based on a touchscreen input.

These updates demonstrate our commitment to continually extending the capabilities of our products. PanelPilotACE is unique in the market and the addition of data logging functionality and the larger 7” display are both major value-adds for PanelPilotACE users. The new features open up possibilities in the human machine interface space and working with the new software and hardware, users can quickly create interfaces with a bigger and faster display, at a very competitive price.

Ben Savage, PanelPilot Manager at Lascar.