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Revolutionize Your Data Logging with EL-IOT and Smart Probes

The EL-IOT with smart probe product range offers reliable solutions designed to satisfy a variety of purposes, whether you’re trying to monitor environmental conditions in agricultural settings, guarantee quality in pharmaceutical storage, or optimise industrial operations. Discover which of our products best suits your monitoring needs by browsing the selection below. Our cutting-edge, user-friendly technology makes accuracy easy and affordable. Prepare to achieve unparalleled reliability and little downtime as you advance your data logging skills.

With the EL-IOT smart probe range, there’s no longer any need to send the entire device back for calibration. Users can simply replace their current probe with a pre-calibrated smart probe. This innovative feature offers a practical solution for instant calibration, significantly reducing downtime. It’s not just convenient; it also cuts down on costs associated with shipping and calibration downtime.

The EL-IOT smart probe range ensures that data collection is never halted. Even during the probe swap, the device continues to log data without any data gaps. Continuous monitoring means that the data collected is more reliable and comprehensive, providing you with ongoing insights into the environmental conditions being monitored. This constant flow of data is essential for making informed decisions quickly.

All data captured by the EL-IOT smart probe devices is automatically uploaded to the EasyLog Cloud. This cloud-based storage and management system not only simplifies data handling but also enables remote monitoring from anywhere, at any time.

Receive instant notifications whenever the measured parameters deviate from predetermined ideal ranges. These alerts allow for timely interventions, helping to prevent potential issues before they become costly problems.


Temperature & Humidity


High Accuracy
Temperature and Humidity

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This range of cloud-connected temperature data loggers will enable you to fully automate the temperature and humidity monitoring process, with EasyLog cloud connection for remote access to data from one or many temperature sensors in real-time. Our Wi-Fi data loggers also offer remote notification of temperature alarm events via email and SMS.

Access your vital data from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or mobile device with EasyLog Cloud.

Critical events are notified to specific users in seconds via an alarm system that’s easily tailored to your exact requirements.

Data is accessible 24/7 and powerful online tools make it simpler than ever to view, compare and analyse readings. An audit trail is automatically created that includes both system and data events.