EasyLog | PSU USB-US 3M A-UB

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Mains to USB power adaptor with 3M micro USB cable

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PSU USB-US 3M A-UB US$18.49 ex. tax

This USB mains power adapter is designed to fit a standard US mains socket and provide a stable 5V d.c. output at up to 1A via a USB cable. This product is suitable for use with the EL-WiFi range.

Connected to the EL-WiFi data logger via a USB A to Micro B cable, the PSU USB-US 3M A-UB can either be used to charge the device’s battery to full capacity or left permanently connected to act as a mains power supply.

Input Voltage 100 to 240C a.c.
Output Voltage 5V d.c.
Output Current 0 to 1A d.c.