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US$11.99 ex. tax

Temperature Probe Installation Pack

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Fridge Install Kit-TP
Fridge Install Kit-TP US$11.99 ex. tax

This affordable EL-WiFi toolkit is designed to help users install temperature probes in refrigerators/freezers as tidily as possible. The kit includes a seal designed to cushion a refrigerator/freezer door gasket around a temperature probe cable, maximizing efficiency by reducing heat transfer through the gasket, and maintaining the integrity of the seal.

Follow the quick start guide printed on the packaging to tidily install temperature probes in just a few minutes. Then rest assured that your device is monitoring temperature in the correct position within the refrigerator/freezer without causing any damage to the probe cable or fridge/freezer seal.

Seal suitable for: EL-WiFi temperature probes (excluding Temperature & Humidity probes)
Seal dimensions : 130mm x 12.3mm x 4.8mm
Adhesive pad suitable for: EL-WiFi Wall Bracket

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