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Thermocouple smart probe

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EL-SP-TC US$40.99 ex. tax

The EL-SP-TC is a thermocouple smart probe for use with the EL-MOTE-TC and EL-MOTE-DTC data loggers, that provides real-time monitoring of temperature levels. The probe is supplied with an electrically isolated K-type probe with a 1.5M cable and can be used with electrically isolated J, K or T-type thermocouples.

The probe can be easily connected to the base of a thermocouple data logger by simply placing it into the appropriate socket and securing it with the screw provided on the device.

Measurement Range K Type (provided)
0 to 200°C, 32 to 392°F
Measurement Range K Type
-200 to 1,300°C, -328 to 2,372°F
Measurement Range J Type -200 to 1,190°C, -328 to 2,174°F
Measurement Range T Type
-200 to 390°C, -328 to 734°F
±2.5°C, ±4.5°F
Probe Length
100mm, 3.9″
Cable Length
1500mm, 59.1″

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Calibration testing carried out on our products provides assurance of the ongoing accuracy of your EasyLog data logger. This is relevant for all users, but is especially important for medical, food and scientific applications, and where audit compliance needs to be demonstrated. We provide a number of standard calibration options suitable for common applications such as monitoring fridges, chilled goods and freezers, but can also provide customised calibration at whatever measurement points you need. Please contact our sales team for details.